Buses to board in Michigan for Notre Dame protest

On May 1 I reported Pro-Life Action League was taking reservations for 3 buses to depart for South Bend from Chicago’s north and south sides and Aurora early May 17 to protest Barack Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame.
Now Citizens for a Pro-Life Society has announced it is taking reservations for buses to trek to Notre Dame from the Detroit area for same.
Details as to place(s) and time of departure have yet to be ironed out. But buses will leave early May 17 and return by 8p.
Email prolifesociety@execpc.com or call Judy Parran at 517-546-3092 to sign up.


Single adult: $27
High school/college: $20
Family of 3: $60

Family of 4: $80
Family of 5: $100

Clergy/religious/seminarians: $15

CPLS says it hopes to provide a free catered meal to busees.

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  1. THIS is the “new” Gettysburg in the battle for Life…let’s keep it up, folks!!

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