Hoyes & Okoh NAACPOver 50 people demonstrated at the NAACP’s Freedom Fund Dinner on May 3 during its annual convention in Detroit, MI. (Click to enlarge all photos.)
Yuille & Hoye NAACP National Black Pro-life Congress sponsored the event, with special guest Pastor Walter Hoye, just freed from jail for holding a sign, “God loves you and your baby,” in front of an Oakland, CA abortion mill.
The groups Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and Rock for Life also participated. See YouTube video of speeches.
Setting up at Cobo Hall - NAACPMany of the thousands of convention attendees were exposed to the truth that the African-American community is being decimated by abortion. The NAACP not only ignores the fact that millions of black babies have been disproportionately targeted for abortion, it supports candidates who encourage abortion.
No Detroit media news outlet covered the protest.
[HT and photos: Denise Gabryel; pictured top right: Pastor and Mrs. Walter Hoye and Fr. Philemon Okoh; pictured left: Pastors Yuille and Hoye]

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