If I were watching only t.v. news, including Fox, I’d think the fight over Barack Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, was over before it started.
All I hear are warnings for Republicans to back away for fear of losing the Latino vote. (Where were warnings for Dems to back away when they viciously maligned judicial nominees Clarence Thomas and Miguel Estrada?)
But then I read the blogs, and the fight is growing huge, not just among conservatives but surprisingly among liberals, as I noted yesterday. Read the latest from Daily Kos (click to enlarge):
Daily kos sotomayor 3.jpg
On our side Curt Levey of the Committee for Justice blog left me questioning Sotomayor’s infallibility. The piece he wrote yesterday should be read in full. Here’s a snip…

committee for justice logo.jpg

Having told colleagues that I thought President Obama was too smart to pick someone with as much baggage as Sonia Sotomayor, I was surprised to learn of her nomination. Many other people were surprised as well, given both the widespread expectation that Obama would choose an intellectual heavyweight and Obama’s own recent statement that he would not make gender or race the major factors in his selection. Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley summed it up well on MSNBC yesterday, expressing bewilderment that Obama chose Sotomayor when heavyweights like “[Seventh Circuit Judge] Diane Wood would have met all his criteria.”
The only plausible explanation for Sotomayor’s selection is that the President was boxed in by demands from Hispanic and women’s groups that he pick one of their own. What else could explain his choice of a nominee who presents such a big target for conservatives and so clearly forces red state Democratic senators to choose between the values of their constituents and those of the nominee? Among the more obvious sore points for moderate Democrats are Sotomayor’s controversial rulings on Second Amendment rights (Maloney v. Cuomo), property rights (Didden v. Village of Port Chester), and racial preferences (Ricci v. DeStefano) – all issues that President Obama would love to avoid. With gay marriage sure to be a big issue no matter who he nominated, it is hard to believe that Obama would have chosen to focus attention on 3 more issues that cut the GOP’s way unless he felt backed into a corner.
Obama’s choice of one of the few federal judges with a bad record on gun rights is particularly perplexing….

I am heartened the powerful gun lobby may engage in this fight. Bring in the cavalry.
sotomayor upi.jpgFor all the talk abortion should be removed from the conservative table (why not the liberal table?), it is looming as The Issue of the confirmation process, particularly now that liberals are unsure about Sotomayor. They want answers, which means we may get answers.
Read the New York Times, “On Sotomayor, some abortion rights backers are uneasy”; the Los Angeles Times, “Abortion rights groups concerned about Sotomayor’s stance”; UPI, “Sotomayor concerns pro-abortion groups” (love the moniker); etc.
I have no doubt Sotomayor is a Roe v. Wade-loving pro-abort through and through.
I also doubt Sotomayor’s confirmation can be stopped. But Obama has given pro-lifers yet another opportunity to discuss our issue in the public square, particularly since pro-aborts are engaged. As was said in the Washington Post this morning:

The main storyline of Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination – whether she’ll be confirmed – seems hardly in doubt, but her candidacy has already become the vehicle for other interesting subplots. On gun rights, abortion and even immigration reform, Sotomayor has provided the platform for advocates on both sides of the aisle to battle it out.

[Sotomayor photo attribution: UPI]

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