UPDATE, 10:15a: Good blog post, “Three thoughts on Michael Jackson,” by Michael Tomasky of The Guardian.
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Yesterday two icons, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, died.
Jackson’s death, in particular, was a sobering reminder of Ecclesiastes 9:12, “Man does not know his time.”
jackson and kids.jpgThis morning I watched a Fox News report explain that the custody of Jackson’s three children, Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., 12, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11 (both by ex-wife Debbie Rowe), and Prince MichaelBlanketJackson II, 7 (born via unknown surrogate), is up in the air.
At least three parties may try to lay claim: Jackson’s mother Katherine, Rowe, and the nanny to Jackson’s children, Grace Rwaramba (pictured below left). According to ABC News this morning:

“Michael’s mother Katherine wants the kids,” said Stacey Brown, co- author of Michael Jackson Behind the Mask and an old family friend. “But Michael always said he wants Grace, the nanny, to have them if something happened to him.”…

Grace, is Grace Rwaramba, 42, who has worked for Jackson for nearly two decades, starting as an office assistant who handled insurance for his employees.
Over time, observers say Rwaramba has taken an increasingly central role in the lives of Jackson and his children. The two were rumored to be considering marriage in 2006.

Typically, children in a tragic case as this would go to their mother, reported the Fox News analyst. But in these days of in-vitro fertilization, frozen embryos, and surrogacy, she said the law has become clear that caregivers are granted custody based on contractual agreements.
grace.jpgIt has never been clear whether Michael was the biological father of any of his children. They may have all been conceived, born, and granted fatherhood to him by contract.
Apparently, Rowe “is not legally in line to take custody,” according to EURweb.com, because she signed rights over to Jackson twice, once when they were divorced in 1999, and again in 2006 after she sued for custody following allegations Jackson sexually abused a boy. At that time she reportedly settled in return for $500k+ a year.
This is just one more reminder when we deviate from God’s principles. Quagmires result.
And there were too many deviations here to count. Such a tragedy.

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