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I reported June 11 that the Feminist Majority Foundation restrained itself a whole 10 days before soliciting donations off of late-term abortionist George Tiller’s dead body….

Now NARAL has joined the death peddling. In an email alert yesterday it began selling “Trust Women 5.31.2009” wristbands for the amazing price of 5 for $10!
naral wristband shamwow.jpg
I added the Sham Wow guy to help with the pitch. NARAL’s “But wait!” offer? If you donate $25, you get 8 wristbands! (But wait, 8?) And for $35, you get 10! (What?) Turns out the more one gives, the worse NARAL’s deal gets….
wristband prices.jpg
But the best part for NARAL is the windfall profit it is making from this Tiller death gimmick. I checked the purchase price for 1,000 wristbands, my conservative estimate of NARAL’s initial purchase, and found they would cost a total of $190, or 19¢ each! A 900% minimum profit! Click to enlarge:
wrist band prices 3.jpg
NARAL shows once again how the industry sure knows how to make an aborted baby buck.
[HT: reader Theresa]

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