weekend question.jpgIn the wake of the George Tiller murder, liberals are unsurprisingly attempting to tag former President George Bush with culpability. According to Think Progress, June 12 (bold highlights theirs):

The day after Dr. George Tiller was murdered, TWI obtained data revealing that under the Bush administration, criminal enforcement of the federal law designed to protect abortion providers and clinics had declined by more than 75% over the last 8 years.

Strangely ignored is there were no murders of abortionists under President Bush’s watch. The other side preferred a witch hunt. Somehow he’s at fault, even though The Washington Independent admitted, “The clinic where Dr. Tiller worked, for example, was repeatedly vandalized, including just days before his murder,” this under President Obama’s watch.
But as Mark Crutcher pointed out…

[N]ot one of the murders of abortionists or abortion clinic employees occurred prior to the inauguration of Bill Clinton. And the explanation for that is brutally simple.
Immediately after taking office, Clinton and his Attorney General, Janet Reno, began paying off their campaign debts to the abortion lobby. While Clinton got legislation passed to sweep the streets clean of peaceful non-violent picketers, Reno literally turned the Attorney General’s office and the FBI into a private police force for the abortion industry…..
The project even had an official name… VAAPCON….

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Given this environment, it is hardly surprising that less than 3 months after Clinton and Reno began cracking skulls, the first shooting occurred. This is not to suggest that this atmosphere justified the violence. But… we cannot pretend it occurred in a vacuum…. [I]t would be illogical to ignore the fact that, before the Clinton/Reno inquisition began, not one abortion clinic employee or abortionist had ever been shot.
Now we fast-forward to 2009 and find the Obama administration, which mainly consists of has-beens and retreads from the Clinton administration, publicly labeling as terrorists anyone who thinks it is wrong to butcher unborn human beings by the millions. Then a short time later, we have the first shooting of an abortionist since Bill and Hillary burglarized the White House on their way out of town.

It appears liberals are unwittingly helping make Crutcher’s case. Do you agree or disagree that pro-abortion, pro-lifer persecuting, presidential administrations increase the potential for violence by unstable people?

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