MonicaMilleratMacomb.jpgAccording to Dr. Monica Miller (pictured right) of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, yesterday’s protest of Barack Obama at Macomb Community College in Warren, MI, was a great success:

The protest was strategically placed – as Obama’s motorcade went through the very entrance to the parking lot on the side of the street where CPLS members gathered to send this pro-abortion president a pro-life message….

A few pro-lifers managed to get onto the campus and stood for an hour-and-a-half right at the building where people entered to hear Obama’s speech. Many signs stated “Obama: Abortion is Murder.”

CPLS protesters.jpg

Hundreds of motorists saw the demonstration, and many passersby stopped to talk with us. Many showed signs of support. Indeed, there was very little opposition to our message. Only a few passersby showed hostility – a sign that the tide is changing in the pro-life direction?

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