Pro-life volunteer-at-home opportunity

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The Center for Bioethical Reform is looking for at-home volunteers to help with their pro-life work:

If you can look up information on the Internet, we could use your help. If you can type into an Excel spreadsheet, we could use your help. If you can do both, we could really use your help!
This is a very important project that will last until the first of August. Please let us know if you have some time you are willing to commit… most of this can be done by e-mail.

E-mail CBR for more information or to volunteer.

2 thoughts on “Pro-life volunteer-at-home opportunity”

  1. I just called CBR office b/c links didn’t follow through. A very nice lady ans. and when I asked about volunteering, she said the lady that is in charge of that will be back in the office on Mon. the 6th. She said to call back then or send an e-mail or call and leave voicemail. Jill, I told the nice lady I learned about this on Jill Stanek’s website. xo, everybody!

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