On June 29 Citizens for a Pro-life Society posted “Requiem for the disappeared” on YouTube. It juxtaposes video of a funeral held in May 2008 for 23 aborted babies found earlier that year in dumpsters of MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari with video of the actual retrievals and babies’ remains.
I was struck by the song playing in the background, how perfect both the melody and words were for the video (“Do you see me? Do you know who I am? Do you hear me? Did you show me?…. Tell me who I am.” – read all on page 2) It wasn’t until I read the credits that I saw the lyrics were composed by CPLS Director Dr. Monica Miller, music by Mark Cabrera and Peter Mulka, vocals by Peter Mulka, and produced by Mediatrix Records. Wow. The video was also excellently produced.
So sad, so angering…

Lyrics to “Tell Me Who I Am”
Hearts are trembling
Crowds assembling
Tears are falling
Voices calling
Did you see me?
Did know who I am?
Did you hear me?
Did you show me
one embrace
Face to face?
Call my name?
Have no shame?
Tell me who I am
Tell me who I am
Souls are broken
Thoughts unspoken
Words left unsaid
Prayers for the dead
You walk alone
Who will atone
You can be free
Recognize me

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