Two phrases from the Book of Esther often roll off the tongue in my Evangelical circle.
queen esther.jpgAfter beautiful Jewish girl Esther miraculously became Queen of Persia, a plot was hatched to kill all Jews in the land. Esther’s cousin Mordecai, when asking her to plead with the King to stop the Holocaust, said, “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” (vs. 4:14)
Mordecai’s request was not so easy. Anyone approaching the King unsummoned risked death if he did not raise his scepter. So upon agreeing to approach the King to plead for her people, Esther acknowledged her potential fate by responding, “If I die, I die.” (vs 4:16)
We often recite those quotes when trying to decipher the will of God and pushing forward.
So have Sarah Palin and her counselors. After she was nominated as the GOP VP candidate last summer, CNN wrote…

Palin grew up in the [Rev. Paul and wife Helen] Rileys’ church, and they share a sense of destiny about Palin’s future. When she was elected governor, Riley told Palin that like the Old Testament story of Queen Esther, she had “come to the Kingdom for such a time as this.”

Last week, when an ABC reporter wondered aloud whether Palin was committing political suicide by abruptly resigning as AK governor, Palin responded:

“I said before I stood in front of the mic the other day, you know, politically speaking – if I die, I die. So be it,” Palin said.

While everyone speculates what Palin has up her political sleeve, she has been quite clear: The now incessant ethics complaints by liberals have cost AK $2 million and her personally, $500k and are draining oxygen from good government. In the following news clips montage, Palin repeats and repeats what people don’t want to see or believe:

There are 2 columns on this you should read, Sandy Rios’ July 7 Townhall piece, “Palin: Why she left is no mystery,” and Ann Coulter’s July 8 column, “Forgetting Sarah Palin.”
What liberals have done to Palin and her family is sickening.
Washington Independent reporter David Weigel asked me what I thought about the possibility of Palin becoming a pro-life spokesperson. I responded:

It would be exciting if Sarah Palin were to decide to expend her energy promoting the sanctity of life as well as the abstinence message. Palin is sound on the pro-life issue, even opposing killing the other innocent victim if pregnancy results from the crime of rape/incest – the baby. She would be an articulate, savvy spokesperson, likely the most prominent we’ve ever had next to President Reagan.

HT for Palin quote:; for CNN story: New Wineskins]

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