Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgI wrote July 8 that the IRS was refusing to grant nonprofit status to the Coalition for Life of Iowa unless the group and individual members of the group pledged not to picket the local Planned Parenthood.
Just received this press release:

Yesterday attorneys from the Thomas More Society, a national public interest law firm based in Chicago, finally received an official “Determination Letter” from the Internal Revenue Service granting tax exempt status to the Coalition for Life of Iowa, a newly formed grass roots pro-life citizen group based in Cedar Rapids….

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The IRS had long delayed approval of the Coalition’s request for the exemption, pressing it for “details” about the content of its members’ prayers at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility and demanding that it refrain from activities at PP that could be construed as protesting or picketing by police or harassing or being confrontational with abortion-bound clients. IRS also demanded that every member of the board of directors of the Coalition sign a statement, under penalty of perjury, that they will not picket or protest or organize others to picket or protest outside of PP.
Last month the Coalition asked TMS for help, and the Society retained non-profit law and tax specialist, Sally Wagenmaker, of… Mosher & Associates, to assist with the case. Wagenmaker wrote IRS a lengthy recital of legal objections to its inquiries and demands (posted at, threatening legal action if the IRS persisted in violating the Coalition’s First Amendment rights. Soon thereafter, the IRS quietly advised the Coalition that it would receive its tax exemption, and now the IRS’s official Determination Letter has just arrived, albeit dated as of July 9, 2009.

Oh, brother, IRS snits.

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