Randall Terry stabs dolls and grandma before, then disrupts, Howard Dean town hall meeting

Former Democrat presidential candidate, party chair, and Planned Parenthood board member Howard Dean spoke at a Reston, VA, town hall meeting with Congressman James Moran on August 25.
Pro-life activist Randall Terry was also there.
Before the event, Terry staged stabbings of preborns and grandma outside…

Terry went on to disrupt the event, as previously promised. This clip is a tad long at 7:12, but the entire thing is raucous and interesting. For those wanting to fast forward, Terry is first seen at 2:05. Moran mentions Terry from the mic twice, at 3:22 and 4:03….

Gotta say that although I don’t like some of Terry’s antics, he does serve a purpose of increasing the tension about abortion, as evidenced particularly in the bottom clip.

12 thoughts on “Randall Terry stabs dolls and grandma before, then disrupts, Howard Dean town hall meeting”

  1. I’m all for debate. I think what Obama is doing is wicked. But this doesn’t help our cause.
    It’s silly, childish, and makes me roll my eyes everytime I see it. Let’s have a civil, mature debate, instead of acting like a bunch of petulant children.

  2. I don’t hear any difference in the noise level after Terry is ejected. I don’t know how effective this sort of disruption is, especially when the media focuses on the regular and expected disruption as the entire “news” of the pro-life msg. We have a local “radical” who is escorted from every mtg and hearing. He is the focus of the media. What I wonder is why they bother with such news unless it serves their liberal bias.
    I don’t think disruptive behavior at an event where debate or discussion is possible is effective. It annoys both sides.

  3. I can see the need for our people to be there at this Obamacare Rah Rah rally. However, once they’re gone because of the disruption, all that’s left in there are the Obama aficionados. Then, Dean & the others were never actually confronted with legitimate, probing questions that expose Obamacare for what it is.

  4. I didnt know Dean was a PP board member, but definitely not surprised.
    I agree with the other posters that Terry really does not help our cause.

  5. I have to say, every time I hear the Howard Dean “yell”, I crack up! It’s at :22 in the first clip.
    I remember watching a clip of this townhall on the news the other day. There was a gentleman asking why Howard Dean was there, when he wasn’t elected by them. Why wasn’t their Congressman talking to the people that elected him. (or something like that…don’t quote me!) I thought it was a really good point.
    As for Mr. Terry, I’m speechless.

  6. He might increase the tension, but does he do it in a way that is good for our side? One could argue that he gets the issue of abortion into the media spotlight, but I believe that the good achieved by this is far outweighed negative affect of having Randall Terry in that same spotlight, posing as the poster child for the pro-life movement.
    In my opinion, his antics play right into the “pro-lifers are dangerous right wing loonies” template that the media loves to use.

  7. Don’t worry Randell Terry, Jesus will condemned to death by the stupid know-nothing crowds.
    If all of our Christian leaders had the courage that Randell Terry had, abortion would be illegal today.
    Action will make abortion illegal, not words. Maybe a revolution is needed, or a civil war.

  8. For Jasper: Just so you are aware, the majority of people who have spoken out about RT are not “the stupid know-nothing crowds.” In point of fact, his defenders have shone themselves to be woefully ignorant of his past actions. They also show themselves foolish by attempting to compare his actions to those of Jesus.
    National pro-life leaders, activist leaders, have spoken out against Mr. Terry. Many of them were in the trenches with him during the OR days in the late 80s & early to mid 90s.
    I have been a rescuer since 1989. My wife since 1988. We were present during Mr. Terry’s failed Congressional campaign, & saw the beginnings of his walk down the path of sin into the wilderness. We heard the concern in the voice of his wife, the wife God gave him, Cindi, as she was concerned for his actions & increasing absence from his family. History shows how he even abandoned the children of his youth, 3 of which were saved through his direct intervention in front of an abortuary before his straying.
    So when you try to compare his “persecution” to that of Jesus, please remind when Jesus abandoned his wife & children for a younger woman. Please show me in Scripture where Jesus compromised with the devil to further His own agenda. I would love to see it.

  9. ” Just so you are aware, the majority of people who have spoken out about RT are not “the stupid know-nothing crowds.”
    Hi Lawrence,
    I was referring to the mostly pro-abort crowd at that event in the video. Not the good people in the pro-life movement….

  10. Action will make abortion illegal, not words. Maybe a revolution is needed, or a civil war.
    Actions needed?
    Sidewalk counseling.
    More prayer.
    Mostly prayer.
    As for what is most needful to end abortion, that’s easy: GOD.

  11. I kept trying to pinpoint what it was about RT’s display (the grandma and baby one) that bothered me so much. I think I know now.
    He plays the doctor as someone with some sort of problem: a drunk, perhaps, or just a moron. The truth is, there are many very intelligent, well-spoken, seemingly appealing men and women working to further the abortion industry. His portrayal of them as buffoons makes for the wrong impression: that they can be dispatched without effort. The reality is, we must prepare ourselves, armed with truth, and knowledge, and faith. This fight is over human lives. We cannot take it as a joke.
    The display itself, well, it was sensational. I guess that has a place. I worry about us becoming too much like the opposition: too wrapped up in the numbers to care about the people… But what bothers me isn’t so much the sensational aspects as it is the way the players are portrayed… They AREN’T idiots, and to believe otherwise is foolish…
    Maybe I’m getting worked up over nothing…

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