I normally like to preview pro-life movies before publicizing them, but the director of Blood Money has made a special request that makes sense. He wrote me:
blood money logo.jpg

If abortion is the front line of the healthcare plan, we need to get people to see the trailer, where Dr. Clowes talks about the giant facilities being built by Planned Parenthood.
[Also], we already have 3 distributors interested in seeing it once it is complete. So if we can show there is an interest in the public seeing it in theaters we will have a stronger case to present to them for doing so.

So here’s the trailer. It is very good, which bodes well for the movie. In the trailer is a snip of my dear friend Angele, whose story was told in the movie 22 Weeks, at 2:30. She was interviewed for Blood Money….

So please distribute the link to Blood Money on YouTube to your network.
It will be 80-90 minutes in length when completed the end of next month.

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