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  • Fox News reports that Americans United for Life president Charmaine Yoest is meeting this afternoon with Melody Barnes, Domestic Policy Advisor, Joshua DuBois, Director of Faith Based & Neighborhood Partnerships, and Tina Tchen, Director for Public Liaison, to discuss abortion and health care.
  • A woman in Botswana has been sentenced to 5 years in jail after she suffocated her daughter who was born alive after her mother tried to abort her….

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  • An 8 months pregnant teenager named Tiffany Wright was recently shot and killed at a school bus stop. Her child who was delivered was in critical condition Monday. Tiffany was adopted, and authorities believe her 36-year-old nonblood brother, Royce Mitchell (pictured left), may be the father of her child.
  • David Bass notes the lack of response from pro-choice groups after the murder of Jim Pouillon. I think NARAL is the only group to have issued any kind of public response but their web site doesn’t have a press release.
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