I received the following email from Deidrea Laux, Baby Thomas’s Mom, both of whom I featured in a post yesterday. Deidrea gave me permission to share her note with you.
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Hi Jill -
My name is Deidrea Laux and I noticed that you posted our story from the Dallas Morning News.
I just wanted to tell you thank you for getting the word out there. One of the primary reasons we opened our lives up during such a difficult time was to bring awareness to situations like ours. We are blessed to be surrounded by a very supportive medical community. Once we decided to move forward with our pregnancy, our OB pulled together a team to walk us through medical decisions and they supported us 100%….

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However, what was lacking was any information about perinatal hospice. Fortunately, through family support and connections we found a wonderful pediatric hospice nurse, Kathy Rose. I was shocked to discover that in a city the size of Dallas there is no official perinatal hospice program. Had we not found Kathy, we would have been forced to navigate the non-medical issues on our own.

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Our belief that Thomas’s life began at conception is very strong and there was no obstacle too big that we would have chosen a different course of action. But I wonder how many parents are out there facing this same situation and are without support like we had. Will they make a different decision because they are traveling this difficult journey alone?

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Our hope is that one day every family given a fatal prenatal diagnosis will walk out of their doctor’s office knowing termination is not the only or “best” option but choosing life for their child can be a very beautiful and rewarding experience.. Not to mention, it’s the right thing to do.
So, thanks again for getting us one step closer to making this a reality for every family.
Deidrea Laux

I told Deidrea I was very encouraged to read she and husband T. K. were making perinatal hospice a mission. I know we would all be shocked about the prevalence of abortions in the face of tragic fetal diagnoses.