Was perusing Twitter last night and spotted this (click to enlarge)…
Scott Baio, abortion, pro-life 1.jpg
My first thought was cooksandbooks is an idiot. Cookie is lucky to be alive and doesn’t get that she is merely a survivor of prenatal Russian roulette.
Then I backed up and noticed she was responding to RealScottBaio, and I thought… the real Scott Baio? Chachi?
Sure enough, I verified Baio’s Twitter account, and here’s what he tweeted that made cooks boil over…
Scott Baio, pro-life, abortion, pro-choice.jpg
Scott Baio family photo, pro-life, abortion.jpgIt turns out Baio is a hardcore conservative.
The interesting thing is I prepared this post last night, and this morning that tweet is gone. For whatever reason Baio – or his agent – apparently decided it best to remain underground with his pro-life convictions.
That’s really too bad. Because when checking into Baio a little bit I found he and wife Renee founded The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation following a (thankfully) mistaken adverse newborn diagnosis of their daughter Bailey, now almost 22 months old.
The organization is “for special needs children and to raise awareness to expanded newborn screening,” according to Baio’s Twitter page.
So Baio’s pro-life heart is in the right place. He’s just not ready to wear it on his sleeve.

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