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  • At the LTI Blog, Serge links to the first part of a video (language warning) of the disruption of Jojo Ruba’s lecture at McGill University.
    I’m embarrassed for the disruptive students. Rarely does my 22-month-old daughter have tantrums this childish. Bereft of any arguments, they’re left to singing “Old McDonald had a Farm” and other songs loudly. The saddest part about this is that they seem proud of their idiotic behavior. Other parts of the video disruption are on YouTube as well. Just type in McGill and Ruba….
  • White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs needs to get up to speed on the health care reform and abortion debate. I thought pro-choicers retired the “Hyde Amendment prevents health care reform legislation from funding abortion” more than a month ago.
  • According to the Sun Times, the city of Chicago has passed a buffer zone law:
  • It creates a “protection zone” within a 50-ft. radius of the entrance to any hospital, medical clinic or health care facility. Within that zone, no one is allowed to get closer than 8 feet to pass out materials, display signs, protest, educate or counsel another person without their consent.
    The Chicago law — which carries a $500 fine — is patterned after an even stricter CO law that has already passed muster with the US Supreme Court. In CO, the radius is 100 feet.

  • A GA abortionist has been arrested in a road rage incident:
  • Daniel E. McBrayer, 58, was arrested following an investigation into an assault reported by a woman who told police that McBrayer, following a traffic altercation, got out of his car at the intersection of Roswell and Abernathy roads, walked up to her car and struck her in the face, Sandy Springs police Lt. Steve Rose said.
    McBrayer is an ob-gyn who, according to the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners, was disciplined in 2001 for performing second-trimester abortions in his Marietta office. Performance of abortions after the first-trimester in a non-hospital setting or in an unlicensed abortion facility is a violation of GA law.
    According to the consent order agreed to by McBrayer, who also admitted that he had not filed certificates of abortions as required by GA law, he was fined $5,000 and his medical license was placed on probation for two years.

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