From the Christian Post, October 18…

An estimated 1 million people participated in a rally in Madrid Saturday to protest a proposed new law that would expand permission for abortion.
The protest was called to denounce a bill that would allow unrestricted abortion at up to 14 weeks of pregnancy and let girls aged 16 and 17 have abortions without parental consent, a vivid and emotional show of how the issue remains sensitive 2 decades after abortion was legalized in this traditionally Roman Catholic country.
The overwhelmingly Catholic country currently allows only abortion in the cases of rape, fetal abnormality, or when the mother’s physical or mental health is at risk….

One million rally in Spain opposing abortion.jpg

While Madrid’s regional government estimated the crowd to be about 1.2 million and a spokesman for 1 of the rally organizers said that 1.5 million people had attended, police said only 250,000 people participated, according to Agence France Presse.

Pro-lifers know America’s “health” loophole allows abortion on demand, although old media never explains that. The Associated Press did admit truth when it came to abortions not so close to home:

Under the country’s 1985 abortion law, the procedure is allowed in cases of rape or fetal malformation, or when doctors deem a pregnant woman’s physical or mental health to be in danger – a clause that has allowed for abortions to be carried out more or less freely. Most of Spain’s yearly 100,000 abortions come under that clause.

Someone on Twitter wondered, “What if we had protests against abortion like this in the US?”
March for Life Roe v. Wade abortion U.S. America.jpgWe do, every January, when pro-lifers gather for the March for Life heedless of the freezing weather on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade The photo, left, is of the 2009 March.
Our crowd size is always disputed, as was Spain’s. It may or may not have ever reached 1 million, but it is always massive, with several hundred thousand.
Following was CNN’s report from Spain’s pro-life rally. Would that CNN gave 2:13 to America’s annual March for Life.
Note it is Spain’s socialist government that is attempting to eradicate abortion laws. Abortion is a child of the Left, pardon the pun.
Also note the incredible lie, which makes no sense even on its face, from the CNN report: “But the government says the reform is part of a broader national strategy on sexual and reproductive health aimed at preventing unwanted pregnancies.” Yes, let’s see whether the 100k statistic rises or falls if abortion is legalized on demand.

Viva Spain!

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