Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby intern Heather B.
Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • John Jansen’s Lunch Break blog has video and contact details on how to make your voice heard for the rights of free speech and the protection of the unborn in regards to the Chicago Bubble Zone ordinance. According to the blog…

  • The City Council passed the Bubble Zone ordinance [on October 7] by a vote of 28-13. It will go into effect November 17 unless Mayor Daley vetoes it.

  • Mark Crutcher discusses the impact of his new film, Maafa 21:
  • We are especially excited about how Maafa 21 is opening doors for us into areas where the pro-life message has seldom been heard and often unwelcomed. Liberal “peace and justice” groups are starting to have Maafa 21 showings on college campuses. And some “Afro-Centric” groups who are not necessarily Christian and have generally been disinterested in the abortion issue, are now actively promoting [the film].

    Maafa 21 is a project integrating media technologies with a powerful message about the tragedy and victimization suffered by many minority members behind the doors of abortion clinics.

  • The Feminists4Life Livejournal posts an American Catholic story about Lacy Dodd, graduate of University of Notre Dame and mother of one.
    Dodd knows firsthand the importance of providing young mothers with the educational resources they need, which initiated her involvement with Room at the Inn, a pregnancy resource facility in Charlotte, NC, where she lives with her daughter. Room at the Inn “hopes to build the nation’s first campus-based maternity and after-care residence for pregnant college students.” Dodd states:
  • The great unique thing about our project is that it’s nonpartisan, it’s an initiative that everyone can support… Pro-life or pro-choice, if we want women to feel that they have a choice, this is where we can all agree.
    The lack of resources is a huge cause of abortion. If women feel that they don’t have the emotional resources, the financial resources, the educational resources [that they need to choose to give birth], we can focus on giving them that choice.

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