2010 blog awards.pngFirst, to clear the air, I’m not a prospective nominee, so this post isn’t a not-so-hidden attempt to get votes… :)
I’m honored and excited American Life League asked me to emcee its 2010 Pro-Life Blog Awards ceremony in January, and furthermore ALL is being so kind as to give me a separate honorary award of some sort.
So since I’m ineligible, I can post the following press release with a clear conscience! And the top prize is very nice! Can’t wait to see who wins!…

As a pro-life blogger I really appreciate ALL’s encouragement of our work and an understanding of the importance of this component of the movement. Here’s all the information you need to know. Nominate away!

Nominations Open for 2010 Pro-Life Blog Awards!

From Obama’s inaugural assault on the Mexico City Policy to Personhood initiatives in eight states and counting…
From Nancy Pelosi’s death care bill to accurate coverage of murdered hero James Pouillon
Pro-life bloggers have been one of our main sources for news and analysis in 2009.
It’s time they were recognized for their immeasurable contributions to the pro-life movement.
From now until Dec. 7 nominate your favorite blog for the 2010 Pro-Life Blog Awards.
From Dec. 7 to Dec. 20, voters will choose their favorite blog in each category. Most votes in a category wins. Total number of votes across categories will win “Best Overall Pro-Life Blogger.”
Individual blogs may be eligible for more than one category however individual voters cannot put a single blog down in multiple categories.
Best News and Reporting
Pro-Life Unity Award
Pro-Life Whistleblower Award
Best Pro-Life Apologetics
Pro-Life Instigator Award for Activism
Most total votes across all categories will receive the Best Overall Pro-Life Blog.
The Best Overall pro-life blogger will receive hotel accommodations for 2 nights and 3 days (January 20-22, 2010) in the middle of the action and excitement of the 2010 American Life League Training and Activism Week.
Winners of the 2010 Pro-Life Blog Awards will be featured guests at TAW in the Washington Court Hotel only steps away from DC’s national treasures and historic sites, you’ll be in the very center of the pro-life movement’s largest annual demonstration.
Bloggers will be notified by Dec. 21, and officially recognized and awarded at TAW amid the nation’s top pro-life leaders and pioneers for the personhood of all human beings, from the biological beginning of development.
Last year’s winners…
Best Overall Pro-Life Blog – Mommy Life
Best News and Reporting – Jivin Jehoshaphat
Pro-Life Unity Award – Causa Nostrae Laetitiae
Pro-Life Whistleblower Award – Catholic Fire
Best Pro-Life Apologetics – Mark’s Blog
Pro-Life Instigator Award for Activism – American Papist

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