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  • After a WI Planned Parenthood was caught lying on tape to an undercover patient, one state lawmaker is asking the D.A. to investigate. Also, note PP’s response to television station’s request for an interview:
  • Planned Parenthood refused our request for an on camera interview and would only release this statement, calling the claims “false and inflammatory.”
    “…Planned Parenthood’s standard is to provide honest, medically accurate information. That is what the physician in this case did.”…

  • Show your favorite pro-life bloggers some love and vote for them in this year’s Pro-Life Blog Awards . You have until Dec. 20th to vote for your favorites.
  • Kathryn-Jean Lopez has a column discussing Senator Barbara Boxer’s abortion-Viagra comparison.
  • According to a USA Today blog, the National Institutes of Health has approved an additional 27 human embryonic stem cell lines for federal funding. The lines are only eligible for funding into diabetes research because that’s what the parents of the embryos believed they would be used for.
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