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  • Michelle Malkin reports what Nebraska Right to Life is hearing from Senator Nelson’s office about “compromise” language which might be added to Senator Reid’s health care reform bill.
    According to Politico, National Right to Life is opposed to the language.

  • The California Stem Cell Report has an interesting post on how much their stem cell institute’s loans are costing CA taxpayers. Right now it’s $192k a day! By the end of their 10-year run and $3 billion spent, it will be $600k a day! They’re also advertising an administrative assistant position with a pay level that tops off at $77,100 a year….
  • Bryan Kemper on pro-choicers who say, “I’m against abortion, but….”:
  • My first response to them is always to ask them first why they are against abortion. What is it about abortion that would make you start your statement with “I’m against abortion”?
    It amazes me when they start telling me how killing a baby is so wrong, life is so precious and we should respect it, and babies are innocent and don’t deserve to die. It would seem they have a firm grasp on the pro-life perspective, but. There it is, that little three-letter word that destroys the very foundation of what they just explained to me.

  • Spanish lawmakers voted in favor of a bill to liberalize Spain’s abortion law:
  • The measure now goes to the Senate, where passage is expected some time early next year….
    The vote Thursday in the 350-seat Congress of Deputies was 184 in favor, 158 against and one abstention.
    Under the current law, which dates back to 1985, Spanish women could in theory go to jail for getting an abortion outside certain strict limits — up to week 12 in case of rape and week 22 if the fetus is malformed.
    But abortion is in effect widely available because women can assert mental distress as sole grounds for having an abortion, regardless of how late the pregnancy is. Most of the more than 100k abortions carried out each year in Spain fall under this category.
    The bill approved Thursday wipes away the threat of imprisonment and declares abortion to be a woman’s right.

  • The MN woman accused of holding a knife to a sidewalk counselor’s neck has pleaded not guilty to assault.
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