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  • The New York Daily News reports Towanda Wimms is going public with her disappointment that her pregnant daughter’s alleged murderer isn’t also being charged for the death of her unborn grandchild.
    Niasha Delain was allegedly stabbed 6 times in the stomach by her boyfriend Derrick Redd after refusing to have an abortion…
  • “It’s like this baby is not being looked at as a victim and that’s ridiculous,” said Wimms, 43. “There were 2 victims here. This baby was intentionally stabbed.”

  • Wesley Smith notes a scary development in Uganda where the government is thinking about imposing the death penalty on HIV-positive homosexuals.
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  • For some reason, Barbara Boxer thinks this is a good argument for why abortion should be covered in a public health insurance plan:
  • If healthcare reform covers Viagra, it should cover abortion services, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said yesterday.

  • The New York Times has published an editorial by Bart Stupak regarding his health care amendment:
  • Some opponents of the amendment have tried to argue that it would effectively end health insurance coverage of abortion in both the private and public sectors. This argument is nothing more than a scare tactic.
    The language in our amendment is completely consistent with the Hyde Amendment, which in the 33 years since its passage has done nothing to inhibit private health insurers from offering abortion coverage. There is no reason to believe that a continuation of this policy would suddenly create undue hardship for the insurance industry ? or for those who wish to use their private insurance to pay for an abortion.
    For example, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program provides health insurance through a variety of companies to more than eight million Americans – but it does not allow abortion coverage in any of its policies. Yet the same companies that offer these abortion-free plans to federal employees also offer plans with abortion coverage to non-federal employees. Given that insurance companies are able to offer separate plans with and without abortion coverage now, it seems likely that they would be able to continue to do so on the newly established health insurance exchange.

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