Saturday reads 12-19-09

good reads.jpgAnother hot news weekend. Will add articles/commentary in descending order…

  • Harry Reid has released his manager’s amendment to the healthcare bill. It is 383 pages long. GOP clerks are currently reading through it, which I’m told will take roughly 8 hours. You, too, can give it a go, here.
    Also, Reid has not yet released the CBO score on the healthcare bill. Will let you know when I know.
  • “Abortion opponents watching Nelson on health care” – Associated Press, December 19
  • “Health care bill snowed in by political shenanigans in Washington, DC” – New York Daily News, December 18. Mentions Franken’s uncivil cut-off of Lieberman’s Senate floor speech. If you missed it…

    Also read McCain’s response at Huffington Post.

  • Republican senators have released a “call to action” video for those of us opposed to socialized healthcare. They’ve been putting forth a valiant effort to stop this bill with every procedural move at their disposal. Needed now is one big national tea party rally…

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    1. Here’s my voice … this health care bill is for ME and people like me without a voice and without any health care. I’m for a public option, and I’m glad this bill is finding it’s way thru.
      Here’s an idea … try to make it better, don’t just try to stop it all together, legislate, help,
      do your job… I know for a fact that all my republican friends and neighbors do not have health care and can not afford it.
      Help pass this bill, you can fine tune it … add to it, take away as you need. But by all means join in. AS it is, you have contributed NOTHING. NOTA, ZIP, It just looks like the Insurance Companys owns the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Are you afraid president Obama might achieve somthing, I guess you are. Still it’s your jobs to particapate, like it or not.
      This is what the president wants and the people without a voice need, You people would have let the Unemployment Insurance JUST run out in the DEAD of WINTER. THIS is speaks volumes of who you are.

    2. Charles:
      Instead of reforming the entire health care system of EVERYONE, let’s just take a couple billion of our hard-earned tax dollars and give it to the people who don’t have insurance, so you can buy it. In fact, all the waste that the government says it’s going to stop in Medicare should just about cover it, so they shouldn’t have to touch anyone else’s health insurance plan. Wouldn’t this be the right thing to do, rather than just take over ALL health care? Do you think, then, maybe this health care reform is about more than just health care? Just FYI, if you make more than $19K per year for a couple, you won’t be receiving any subsidies from the gov’t to cover health care premiums, and the cost of premiums is expected to rise to 15% of your annual salary (before taxes). Does that sound like a good solution for our country? Your suggestion to just pass it and then make additions or deletions is a bit naive. What passes in those 2000+ pages in the early morning hours will be set in stone and take years to undo. Read the CBO reports. Listen to the Republican alternatives, because regardless of what you say, they have publicized a plan, as well as many, many amendments that have been stonewalled by Democrats. Their plan will cover more people, not raise premiums, and cost less than 500 billion (vs. the 1.5 trillion of Obama’s plan).

    3. Charles: “It just looks like the Insurance Companys owns the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY.”
      I know, can you believe the 2% profit margin that insurance companys post?! Its outrageous. We need to drop that margin to .0002%, so that you can afford health insurance.
      I’m curious Charles. Are you living off of rice and beans? Do you not have a cell phone or internet or a huge car payment? Are you living in a cheap apartment? Why exactly can you not afford health insurance? I’ll feel sorry for you when I know that you have given up every luxury of life and you still can’t make your payments.

    4. “…add to it, take away as you need. But by all means join in”
      CR…unless you’re living under a rock for the past few weeks…EVERYBODY’S in on it already and the Democrats are NOT letting anybody change it or add to it…they are bribing their way to what they want even if the majority of the American people dont want it…

    5. Charles,
      Who are these people without a voice? Every American citizen has a right to vote and be heard. You have a voice. For a lot less money, the government could have provided insurance to all the uninsured. So why do your love this bill?
      A promise of never-ending unemployment insurance makes people less likely to look for work. Then there are many people who are well off but draw on it anyways. How fair is that to the rest of us who don’t take hand-outs?
      I don’t believe there are many, if any, Northern States who will turn off a person’s heat in the dead of winter for non-payment of a heating bill. It would be deadly.

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