Pro-Life Blog Award winners!

Thumbnail image for 2010 blog awards.pngAmerican Life League has announced its 2010 pro-life blog award winners!
Drum roll, please!
First, the criteria, according to its site: “Pro-life Blog Awards exists to promote, encourage, impassion and reward pro-life bloggers. It also gives you access to the latest in pro-life news and information while supporting your favorite pro-life bloggers.”
For the past several weeks ALL first took your nominations and then had you vote. Winners in the following categories were…

Best News and Reporting Award – Stand for Life

Pro-Life Instigator Award for Activism – Operation Rescue

Best Pro-Life Apologetics Award – Life Training Institute

Pro-Life Whistleblower Award – Pro-Life Defender

Pro-Life Unity Award – Fr. Frank’s Blog

And congratulations to Best Overall Pro-Life Blog – Catholic Fire!
catholic fire logo.png
Catholic Fire has won a wonderful prize, courtesy of ALL: accommodations for 2 nights and 3 days at the Washington Court Hotel in downtown DC during the March for Life!
Awards will be given on January 21 in DC. Details are forthcoming. I’m honored to be the emcee!
blog for life logo 2010.gifThen on January 22, Katie Walker of ALL and the winners have been invited to serve as panelists at the Blogs for Life conference, being held at Family Research Council headquarters. Their topic: “How to host a winning pro-life blog,” of course! More details forthcoming soon on that event, too.
Congratulations again to the Pro-Life Blog Award winners, and thanks to ALL for encouraging pro-life blogging by honoring its best and brightest.

12 thoughts on “Pro-Life Blog Award winners!”

  1. Congratulations to Jean Heimann at Catholic Fire and all the pro-life bloggers who won awards. Jean has a great quote by St. Catherine of Sienna at the top of her blog:
    “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire. Let the truth be your delight…proclaim it…but with a certain congeniality.
    How difficult that can be sometimes… Thanks for the reminder, Jean.

  2. I wonder if ALL noticed the irony in two of its winners. One blog winner is greatly feuding with the another. Had to laugh.

  3. Well, one is feuding, anyway. Looks like the other is thankfully more interested in pro-life work than sinking into pettiness. Good for them!

  4. well CAtholic Fire may have won, but good grief that wallpaper background is awful.
    They need to change it. :(

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