Sebelius explains All-American (as in all Americans will pay) abortion tax in Senate healthcare plan

The White House has video up of an interview conducted yesterday by BlogHer with pro-abort Dept. of Health & Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius.
Thanks to Sebelius for explaining how public funding of abortions will work under the Senate healthcare plan, equally paid by all…

Let’s go over that again. When reading the transcript bear in mind Sebelius was talking about the very same abortion compromise Ben Nelson claims to have negotiated…

Sebelius: And I would say that the Senate language, which was negotiated by Sens. Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray, who are very strong defenders of women’s health services and choices for women, take a big step forward from where the House left it with the Stupak amendment, and I think do a good job making sure there are choices for women, making sure there are going to be some plan options, and making sure that while public funds aren’t used, we are not isolating, discriminating against, or invading the privacy rights of women. There would be an accounting procedure, but everybody in the exchange would do the same thing, whether you’re male or female, whether you’re 75 or 25, you would all set aside a portion of your premium that would go into a fund, and it would not be earmarked for anything. It would be a separate account that everyone in the exchange would pay.
Aarons-Mele: Hmm, it’s a bit confusing, but….
Sebelius: It is a bit confusing. But it’s really an accounting measure that would apply across the board, and not just to women, and certainly not just to women who want to choose abortion coverage.
Aarons-Mele: Oh, that’s good, that’s good.

Actually, it is not confusing. Sebelius just did a good job of trying to make it sound confusing. Simply, every pro-life taxpayer will be forced to kick in a minimum of $12 annually to fund abortions along with pro-abort taxpayers under the Senate-passed healthcare plan.
Verum Serum explains in English:

The basic compromise however is an accounting gimmick, where the federal government will require that all participants in the new insurance exchanges – men and women of all age groups – contribute a separate “abortion premium” to cover the cost of elective abortion services.
In other words, the federal government will legally compel you to contribute funds exclusively designated to pay for abortion into the new government-run system. Regardless of whether you have any personal need or desire for abortion coverage, and regardless of whether you have any religious or moral objections to abortion.

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  1. US dollars are fungible – meaning setting up accounting firewalls is not possible. Sebelius is outright lying.
    Basically, this also means government funds going to Planned Parenthood also fund abortions, despite their claims the funds are only used for educational purposes.
    PP will not begin a procedure without getting money, however, they’ll take “care of the problem” if the difference between the abortion charge and what the client provides is small. They’ll always make it possible to abort.

  2. “In other words, the federal government will legally compel you to contribute funds exclusively designated to pay for abortion into the new government-run system.”
    Not this kid. I’d rather be thrown in jail.

  3. The Nelson scam isn’t fooling anyone. I for one am not throwing in the towel yet. With the conservative ascendancy clearly gaining steam, with a Democratic Representative from Alabama changing over to the Repubs today, with Stupak hanging tough on language, with more and more questions being raised from all sides as details leak out, with some time during the Christmas break before this is taken up again in the House, with cocky Dems thinking they have this in the bag…we have some momentum and there is still an opportunity to derail it.
    If anyone has not attended the annual march in D. C. this might be the year you consider doing so. Let’s make this the largest march ever!

  4. If anyone has not attended the annual march in D. C. this might be the year you consider doing so. Let’s make this the largest march ever!
    Posted by: Jerry at December 22, 2009 5:26 PM
    Jerry – they don’t care about a march in DC. What they care about is our finding their top election fundraisers and winning them over to our cause.
    Cut their air supply.
    That might get their attention.

  5. Ben Nelson usually releases a statement for the local Walk for Life in Lincoln, held usually at the end of January (at least last year it was on the 31st, this year it might be on the 23rd) but next month he better NOT dare claim to be working for Pro Life causes after his betrayal. He is TRULY a Benedict Arnold.

  6. Killing the bill is not even dead in the Senate. It would take a miracle for the bill to go down in the Senate, but stranger things have happened. Pro-life activists need to be careful that they are not listening and talking only to kindred spirits; spread the word far and wide! There are two more cloture votes that need to take place on time. Then, if the Dems hit 60 both times, by the grace of God might 11 of them decide they were entitled to take cover behind having voted for cloture for the leadership and vote against the bill for the voters back home. Democrats can afford 9 such flips, even 10 if VP Biden is waiting in the wings to cast a tie-breaker to bring down the wrath of the Heavens. They have undoubtedly blessed several such flips, probably including Nelson unless they wrote off that seat (up in 2012) in the original deal and have promised him a powerful appointment PRIOR to that election (Obama could be history then, too) or a lucrative private sector job.
    PRAY, PRAY, AND PRAY SOME MORE FOR A MIRACLE. Then go and out let your Senators know how unhappy you are and encourage others to do the same. Submit letters to the editor of ONLINE VERSIONS of any and all publications letting others know just how bogus this “compromise” is. How many people you know are willing to contribute $12 per year, undoubtedly much more before these jokers are done, to a fund (set aside by whom if it’s not federal tax dollars?) so those who want abortions can obtain them without using “federal tax” dollars for the abortions or the premiums?
    And then PRAY SOME MORE as you continue your own preparations for a Blessed Christmas!

  7. Chris: I agree it would be nice to win over their fund raisers. We have to wage the war on several battle fronts.
    The timing of the annual march for life could occur at about the same time as the house debate on the health bill. It would be the first time in years that the march would get any significant media play, due to the abortion issue being raised simultaneously on the house floor. That is why it would be important for a huge rally. House members are attentive to these types of things as they are up for re-election every two years. And those Dems who are going to stick their necks out need to know they are not alone–our presence will help set the stage.

  8. Chris & Jerry: As has since the ’60’s been the history of the pro-life movement we are indeed called to fight on multiple — no many — fronts. Major fundraisers, political strategists, and philanthropists WILL come to our point of view; we must pray and work hard that it be sooner rather than later.
    This year’s March COULD turn out to be a critical moment in the history of the movement and perhaps the nation — perhaps akin to the 1963 March on Washington or Lincoln’s election. The objective, in the dead of winter, ought be to OVERWHELM THE MALL with a STANDING CROWD AT NOON that stretches up the Hill and around to the Supreme Court and down the Mall AND Pennsylvania Ave. to the Washington Monument AND the White House and around to the Elipse. If masses of people have to continuously rotate out in order for the banner to move up Pennsylvania Ave and around to the Court and if those on the Elipse are still working their way up the Hill during the evening rush: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
    Pro-life should get a huge boost this year from people who respect its cause but have never been enthusiasts because of the conservative backlash Obama has engendered. If the health care reform bill is still ANYPLACE IN THE SYSTEM — INCLUDING TABLED WITH ANY CHANCE OF BEING RESURRECTED — the boost could AND SHOULD go viral.
    Every active pro-lifer needs to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY in whatever manner they are accustomed and then “work their own precinct” — talk it up in their own little corner of the nation — even if their own circumstances do not allow them to be at the March (i.e. I may have to travel from Chicago to Washington for an immovable event one week earlier, but will certainly make multiple appointments on the Hill that week if that happens).

  9. Posted by: John-in-Oak Lawn at December 23, 2009 2:02 AM
    John – I’ve become convinced that marches in DC are not nearly as effective as say 30,000 people showing up outside your house in the middle of the night with a bucket of fast-setting glue and about 5 large pillows. Hey, if they want to continue to pass bills in the middle of the night like a bunch of chickens, they might as well look like chickens. But I know I’m not the only one who wants to see them start laying some golden eggs…and fast!
    My take is – they aren’t listening at all to anyone, even at the expense of a flip in control in both House and Senate.
    My Senator (Whitehouse) just called me and every other RI who disagrees with the healthcare takeover a Nazi racist on the floor of the Senate.
    They just don’t care, because it’s not about the people, but just some people, and themselves.

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