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  • At National Review, Wesley Smith lists what he considers that top 10 stories in bioethics over the last decade.
  • A NJ policeman has been suspended without pay for getting a recruit drunk, having sex with her and getting her pregnant:
  • Trooper Alexis Hayes, 29, of Berlin, filed a seven-count federal suit Dec. 1, charging Shallcross and 6 other staties subjected her “to repeated acts of sexual misconduct” and turned her “into an object of disdain….”

    Jones said Lt. Thomas King has been suspended without pay after being accused by Hayes of plying her with booze during an NJSP detail that attended the funeral for 3 slain officers in Pittsburgh, PA – and then impregnating her.
    The shaken Hayes had an abortion and has been on paid sick leave since August.

  • IN legislators heard the story of Danielle Steinberger and how she lost her son Drew to a drunk driver:
  • Danielle Steinberger’s voice shook Tuesday as she told an Indiana Senate committee about losing her unborn son, Drew.
    “Our lives were changed in a moment because of the recklessness by another person,” said Steinberger, supporting a proposed Indiana law that would allow prosecution of drunken drivers whose actions lead to the death of an unborn child.
    Steinberger, of Ohio, was eight months pregnant in 2007 when her car was struck by an intoxicated driver in Richmond.
    “I woke up three-and-a-half weeks later to find out we had lost our son,” Steinberger recalled.

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