Scott Brown wins!

UPDATE, 1/20, 4:05a: Received this note:

Fantastik, Jill! Today is a great day. I prayed that Scott Brown would win and he did. I am following all you pro-lifers, and I wish you all well. Keep up the good work Jill. Best wishes from Denmark.

UPDATE, 1/19, 10p: Statement from Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

I want to congratulate Senator-elect Scott Brown on his decisive victory. There’s a reason the nation was focused on this race: The voters in MA, like Americans everywhere, have made it abundantly clear where they stand on health care. They don’t want this bill and want Washington to listen to them. Americans are investing their hopes in good Republican candidates to reverse a year-long Democrat trend of ignoring the American people on the issues of health care, spending and the growth of government.

scott brown ma.jpgUPDATE, 1/19, 9:30p:Fox is reporting Coakley has called Brown and conceded.
The Boston Globe website has crashed as has and
1/19, 9:20p: I flew in to DC this afternoon and am with my pro-life peeps watching MA election results.
Fox is reporting Brown is at 53%, Coakley at 46%. Fox reports the Associated Press just declared him the winner!

71 thoughts on “Scott Brown wins!”

  1. Drive to DC in your pickup truck, Brownie Boy!
    And you might want to stop by John Kerry’s place; take him for a REAL ride. Show him how it’s done by us truck-driving hicks.
    We’re all gap-toothed now!

  2. X!
    Yeah Baby!!!
    Those Dems really pulled out all the stops too, BO,Slick Willy,
    Guess BO’s “gift” is being seen for what it is.

  3. I say the Republican Party change it’s icon from an elephant to a ’73 Chevy Pick-Up truck with 53,000,000 miles on it. One mile for each baby aborted as a result of Democrat passage of Roe v. Wade.
    The Democrat symbol should be changed to a snake.

  4. I also have read that Obama has a 50% approval rating and that most people feel he has accomplished NOTHING in his first year in office.
    Can the Nobel Prize be returned?

  5. Scott is a pro-choice Republican. While I don’t doubt he’ll be rejecting the health-care bill, I see his election as simply the lesser of two evils.
    We still have some work to do.

  6. The Nobel Prize is no longer noble, it’s a fraud.
    I mean how many people really believe the Al Gore global warming hoax and the Obamanation, “I want to reduce the number of abortions” BS, both Nobel prize winners?
    The Noble Prize selection committee should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. No way Ex, are you on drugs?
    You think the Blue Dogs are going to vote for that piece of crap after this indictment of the Democratic agenda?
    It would be political suicide.

  8. Lauren – they don’t? I don’t think that is a done deal by any means – there’s a lot of options left at this point.

  9. Ed – it is probably bigger suicide at this point not to get something done – though then the Dems could go more on attack with ads. The top dog Dems want this done though and they have a lot of options still. A short term loss in 2010 is nowhere near the impact as the long term gain for a cornerstone piece of legislation for the party.
    Now, if anyone can screw it up, it’s the Democrats – but I think this doesn’t impact things as much as folks would like it to – and in terms of abortion, I wonder if it’s a bad thing more than a good thing (as the Senate language has a good chance of staying now without alteration).

  10. No, Ex, they don’t. Without Stupak, you lose the pro-life dems. Without public option, you lose lefties. Tax on healthcare loses bluedogs.

  11. Ex,
    Don’t you hear that sound? Democratic Senators and Congressmen up for re-election in 2010 have all let out a collective, “Oh #$%^!!!”
    The pendulum has swung and there’s no stoppin’ Big Mo. (momentum)

  12. No Ex,
    I disagree. Although you could be right, they might be dumber than we think they are.
    If they have half a brain, they will go into full backpeddle, cya, “I should do what my electorate wants me to do / vote how my electorate wants me to vote” mode.

  13. Lauren – did you notice how the House vote won by about the bare minimum? The votes were lined up, and the folks that needed to cast a vote to look better in their district were allowed to vote no. Unfortunately, both parties put party before country/people when it comes down to it. If it comes to that and they stick with the senate language to avoid the 60 votes needed in the senate, I think the dems will have the vote in the house.
    Ed – What’s interesting though is, do you want Brown across the country? Have you actually read much about the guy? I’ve read analysis that he’s actually more left than some US senators – he’s pro-choice, and rated to be more conservative than Scozzafava rated out – so from a pure political perspective, it will be interesting if there’s now a bigger push within the GOP to bring more moderates to the table (because if played well with the Independents).
    Will be interesting to follow – I think this means a few obvious things, but a lot of not-so obvious things.

  14. Ed – It will be interesting to see what happens, but if I had to put my money on it, I would bet now that the house puts through the senate version to avoid the 60 vote limit, and then they go through the process of reconciliation to make changes to the bill. That’s my gut at least – and I seem to get these things right about 30% of the time!

  15. Lauren –
    I hear that a calendar is already in the works – Brown, Barney Frank…too bad Strom Thurmond wasn’t still around!

  16. Boy, you’re a tard. You’re assuming that the American people WANT something done about the “healthcare crisis” by government. They overwhelmingly DO NOT. What planet are you living on?

  17. Ex, the problem with your scenerio is that it assumes that those protected representatives will come out of the woodworks to support the legislation now. I doubt very much they will. The political landscape is even more risky after Brown’s win. IF they didn’t want to expose themselves then, they won’t now.
    Also, a Barney Frank calander would be perhaps the most disturbing thing I could imagine.

  18. xalisae – why are you like that, and have you ever thought about getting counseling? How about you go back to watching the Bachelor and I’ll carry on my civil conversation with some of the adults on this board.

  19. What you don’t realize Ex was this vote and the direction of our country is being determined by thousands and thousands and thousands of Christians falling on their faces, repenting of their sin and apathy, and crying out to God to end abortion, send revival, and heal our land.

  20. Lauren – you very well could be right. Option 2 is that the house leadership says that the bill needs to pass (the senate bill) and that the things they don’t like will be worked out through reconciliation process. I think either scenario might happen – and won’t make the claim that I know enough to say something definitively.
    Ed – then why did God send a pro-Choice republican into the picture?
    Personally, I think this isn’t great news for the pro-life crowd. The GOP just won big with independents by bringing out a pro-choice fiscal conservative. You know that others in the mold say that this should be the model in other states.

  21. I prefer The Mighty Boosh, personally. Reality TV is a plague on the brains of the youth of America.
    Anyway…it seems to me that you’re the one living in a child’s fantasy land, where Mommy Government supplies all of your needs and doles out portions evenly among her children, even if some of those children worked harder to come to their initial portion than others, and all the children are happy to accept what they are given.
    I am like that because I do not suffer fools gladly. Personally, I think it’s a great strength of mine.

  22. Janet – I agree! (though you can’t see anything on the picture anyways).
    Phil –
    I did vote Obama. I also voted Norm Coleman for US Senate. I’m a Christian who leans slightly to the left these days, but a lot of that is because after Bush, I don’t have a good feel on the GOP and what they stand for. I am a fan of healthcare reform after seeing my families healthcare bills go up like crazy – plus too many folks in our church have been socked hard by health care bills – I find the situation appalling.
    If it makes you more comfortable to write me off as some flaming liberal, feel free – but you’d be wrong. Preachers kid – heavily involved in a church – pro-life but don’t vote GOP on the issue because they just give it lip service.
    That’s just me – just want to clarify.

  23. Ex,
    I don’t know why and I don’t really care. He’s lightyears better than the alternative and I don’t really need to concern myself with that.
    Make no mistake, this is a Pro-Life victory for his position on Health Care alone.
    Perhaps he’ll see a CBR GAP presentation or 40 Day for Life campaign or visit this blog and take on a more adament Pro-Life position.
    Either way, today I celebrate the victory.
    Tomorrow, I’m back on my knees.

  24. I am like that because I do not suffer fools gladly. Personally, I think it’s a great strength of mine.
    Posted by: xalisae at January 19, 2010 10:05 PM
    Preach it Sister!!! Go on with your bad self!!!

  25. xalisae –
    Thanks for the info. In a board full of some very smart, respectful folks that I’ve enjoyed talking with – I frankly find no use for folks who are going to throw out insults like you do and paint broad assumptions on people instead of actually talking with them and understanding their viewpoints. If you have something interesting to say, please, say it. I think I’ve been nothing but respectful with the majority of the folks on this board (and as a Christian, I would expect nothing less than that of myself) – but am shocked that I continue to come across folks like you that insist on belittling instead of talking. It’s sad really – but a sign of the times we are in.

  26. Ex,
    I don’t mean to sound disrespectful.
    It’s just with so much politically correct bull dung flying around all the time, it’s refreshing to me to hear X set it out plain.

  27. Ed – you might be right – health care reform might go down and while it really won’t impact abortion rates (most private plans cover abortion anyways – private plans are subsidized by the government through employee tax breaks, so we already fund abortions), health care reform will go down. You certainly could be right, and pro-lifers will celebrate.
    You could also be very wrong on this being a good thing, if it means that the house passes the senate language to avoid sending a new bill back to the senate. Then we get Nelson’s langauge, not Stupak’s – and unless abortion gets dealt with in reconciliation – then it is probably a step BACK.
    We’ll see – I can’t impact it nor do I know what will happen – should be an interesting few weeks Sir.

  28. Ex,
    Health care is going up not because of a lack of government control but because of it.
    Open the insurance market up to more competition and watch health care costs plummet.
    It time to take away of control of the health care industry from the AMA and put it back into the hands and feet of people who know how to walk away from overcharging doctors and medical establishments.
    Think about these things my friend before ever voting for a Liberal again….assumption is the lowest form of knowledge, words mean things, there no such thing as a free lunch, if a man doesn’t work he should not eat, and principles matter.
    I also suggest that you earnestly pray for the gift of discernment.

  29. New article out about the posibility of the house signing off on the senate bill. Takeaway? Not likely.
    “But several House members said Tuesday night that they had no interest in pursuing the most likely scenario for moving ahead with a bill — approving the already-passed Senate version of health reform in the House – and some said President Barack Obama should step back and start over.”

  30. Ed – I don’t find you disrespectful – and even I’m going to be snarky from time to time.
    I’m a Christian as well. Many/most on this board are.
    I’ve been on a lot of boards about a lot of subjects, and I must say, while I’ve found many great folks like you that are respectful about their views – some of the rudest folks I’ve run into are on this board – which I think, says something very sad about the current state of how Christians talk to folks they don’t agree with.
    Just my opinion, which, I’m sure:
    – Sucks
    – Isn’t heartfelt
    – Is from a dumb liberal anyways
    – Is a lie
    – or is from a “tard”
    Yes, lovely.

  31. Sorry, someone like you who makes absolutely no sense (“man..republicans aren’t going to actually do anything…I should vote for dems who are going to mess everything up when it at least remains pretty much at stasis under republicans, even if that stasis is less than ideal. I R SMART!” DUUUUH!) just kinda pushes my buttons. And then you talk about how religious you are, wearing your “Son of a preacher man” on your sleeve…GUESS WHAT: some of the WORST, ROTTEN TO THE CORE children/people I’ve EVER known were preacher’s kids. That tells me jack-all about how moral you are. What DOES tell me how moral you are, is the fact that you are a LIAR, and if you’re not a LIAR, you’re gullible, and even if that isn’t the case, no matter what, you’re someone who is willing to sell out their country and unborn babies just so the government will fix your healthcare bills. Despicable.
    You wanna get down with me? Let’s get down.

  32. Ex-GOP @ 10:09,
    What are you talking about????
    You put the link up and you agree it should be taken down????

  33. Phil –
    Heading to bed – but last thought for the night. The stock market was up today, led by health care stocks as it became clear the reform was less likely. Stock market was led by insurance companies and pharmaceuticals. “Rising health care stocks led the market higher as the prospect of a logjam in Washington eased concerns that profits at companies like insurers and drug makers would suffer.”
    So, maybe we’re stuck with double digit health care increases each year, but at least we avoid the regulation we fear, and the drug companies and insurance companies can continue to make their billions.
    Tired – gave blood today – heading to bed. Night all.

  34. I have no respect for those who do not deserve it.
    HisMan, however, I have the utmost respect for. Thank you for putting things nicely when I am at my boiling point.

  35. Or perhaps the stock market was up because people see that the threat that Obama posed to the greatest economy in the world and yes, the greatest purveyor of the Gospel, has lessened.
    Jesus was not against money my friend, only the love of it.

  36. Obamacare is D.O.A. It isn’t just Scott Brown, it is what he represents: a repudiation of arrogant thug Chicago style politics. This election is a political earthquake that is sending out tremors across the beltway and into every town and village in the country. Every politician is on notice: if you want to keep your seat–listen to the people!

  37. BREAKING NEWS: Acorn just conceded that there were simply not enough Disney characters to get Coakley over the top.
    More on the fours…

  38. This is very bizarre for Massachusetts. Very bizarre indeed. This is, without a doubt, the most liberal state in the country with arguably the most liberal city in the country- Boston. How odd.

  39. I’m sure you praised god just as much in November of 2008. Anyway, life is ebb and flow. Enjoy your victory tonight of a pro choice Republican from MA.

  40. Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, head of the House Democrats’ campaign effort, said…
    “President George W. Bush and House Republicans drove our economy into a ditch and tried to run away from the accident,” he said. “President Obama and congressional Democrats have been focused repairing the damage to our economy.”
    What a strange choice of analogies considering it was the drunk Senator Ted Kennedy who actually drove a car off a bridge and then stumbled away from the submerged car and abandoned his female passenger to death by drowning.
    And just exactly what have B.O. and his democRAT accomplices,drunk on their newly attained power, done to repair the damage to the economy except raise taxes and spend more than they take in.
    The State of Massachusetts invites citizens to come to Boston for a Tea Party to celebrate Brown’s election and America’s victory.
    Jew hating mass murdering muslims need not attend.
    yor bro ken

  41. Posted by: Ex-GOP Voter at January 19, 2010 10:13PM
    “I frankly find no use for folks who are going to throw out insults like you do and paint broad assumptions on people instead of actually talking with them and understanding their viewpoints. If you have something interesting to say, please, say it. I think I’ve been nothing but respectful with the majority of the folks on this board (and as a Christian, I would expect nothing less than that of myself) – but am shocked that I continue to come across folks like you that insist on belittling instead of talking.”
    You are encroaching on my turf.
    It is not that I mind sharing or doubt your ability.
    I know if you work at it you can do what I do, but being offensive’ is not your area of expertise.
    We understand your point of view.
    There is nothing novel or new about your ideology.
    Your purported solutions have been tried and have failed repeatedly.
    Pack up your ‘big tent’ and gather up your clowns and take your circus to another town that has not yet seen your show.
    You can leave the elephants but do take your fellow rinos and jackasses with you.
    yor bro ken

  42. Hi Vannah. I’m doing great. Hope you are good too.
    Ken, you still seem angry about something. Life is good, try to enjoy it.

  43. But what Ken says is so amusing, I can’t see how anyone could say those things with anything but a smile, Hal. XD

  44. xalisae, I’m sorry to disagree with you. I find no humor in Ken’s anger, only sadness. He’s a troubled soul.

  45. I’m just happy to see the DemocRATS with their knickers in a knot. I don’t know where Brown stands on the life issue, but at least he’s not Coakley. Burying this healthcare deal will do more to protect life in this country than anything else currently underway, so if the man simply needs prayer to come to a right view in this area, so be it.

  46. I want to repeat Chris Arsenault’s comment on January 19, 2010 at 9:11 PM:
    “Scott is a pro-choice Republican. While I don’t doubt he’ll be rejecting the health-care bill, I see his election as simply the lesser of two evils.”

  47. Obama’s lies are catching up with him. Remember when candidate Obama said he would only take the public funding for his campaign and then later went against his word. Remeber when he said that the health care debates in Congress would be televised on CSPAN, but instead the process is all done behind closed doors and selling out the American people to backdoor bribes of lobbyists and special interests. The only thing transparent about this guy is his arrogance.

  48. Ed,
    Praying with you!! Let Brown’s victory be just the start of electing officials across our great country who actually listen to their constituents!! OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE!!

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