weekend question.jpgAZStarnet.com reports on a microcosm of a nationwide phenomenon:

As the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade approaches, Tucson is seeing a increase in anti-abortion activism….
The election of President Obama, the push for health-care overhaul and Obama’s push for the Freedom of Choice Act – which would eliminate all state restrictions on abortion access – have increased activism, said Kelly Copeland, a local activist.
“We’re in danger of losing everything we’ve gained for 37 years,” said Copeland, a Catholic who plans to open a crisis-pregnancy center on March 25.
The national shift has brought out more activists locally, he said. Beginning last spring, for example, biannual meetings of Tucson for Life, which typically included about 15 attendees, shifted to monthly meetings averaging about 80 activists….

So this past year’s national pro-abortion political activism, often successful, has spurred tangible national, state, and local pro-life activism.
Which side is winning?

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