The timing of WI Right to Life’s press release couldn’t be better….

Over the past few days I’ve chronicled one Planned Parenthood’s base Valentine’s Day condom card campaign
and another PP’s Valentine’s Day condom fundraiser.
And I’ve wondered how PP’s promotion of wanton sex under the guise of “safe sex” really fits with its organizational premise of planned parenthood. (Have you ever really pondered this group’s name?)
If PP were legit, it would sponsor something like WIRTL’s newly launched “Act Responsibly” campaign. One seriously has to ask why PP doesn’t take this sort of approach…

…to promote personal responsibility, the value of family, and self-esteem this Valentine’s weekend.
WIRTL has created downloadable materials for its “Act Responsibly” campaign, encouraging families, individuals, church groups and schools to use the materials to remind the public that actions can have consequences.
“Valentine’s Day is a great tradition and a fun occasion to celebrate romance,” said Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of WIRTL. “An evening of champagne, chocolates and flowers can have consequences if revelers don’t ‘Act Responsibly.'”
Lyons said states which keep monthly statistics see an increase in the number of abortions during the months of January through April, right after New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.
“Everyone promotes drinking responsibly on New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day to prevent deaths,” said Lyons. “We’re taking the same approach to Valentine’s Day, promoting personal responsibility, the value of family, and self-esteem. We, too, don’t want to see an increase in deaths.”
“Personal responsibility is everyone’s responsibility,” said Lyons. “Personal responsibility and strong self-esteem begin at home, with parents teaching their children good values and encouraging young adults to do the right thing.”

Download the posters, press release and materials.