Live tweeting abortion, Part V: “Yay! I’m bleeding”

Read Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX, and Part X. Pro-lifers can share their thoughts at #livetweetingabortion. (Also read Bryan Kemper’s Q&A with Angie Jackson today.)
Recall before Angie started her RU-486 abortion she seriously underestimated its seriousness:
angie, way shorter than abortion.png
And even after Angie left Planned Parenthood when starting her RU-486 abortion she had no clue…

4 hour bleed out.png
What kind of homework did Angie do before deciding on an RU-486 abortion? Apparently none. And what did PP teach Angie about her RU-486 abortion? Clearly nothing.
Well, here’s the harsh reality, from the horses’ mouths:
RU-486, abortion, inventor.png
Now Angie knows. She found out the hard way, when it was too late to turn back…
angie 2 weeks for ru486.png
Angie Jackson.jpgBy live tweeting her abortion, Angie has performed a different kind of public service than she intended. No one can read her exhaustive and exhausting dismal account and want what she had.
And so we launch the next batch of tweets I pulled, where, after Angie’s 1st dose of misoprostol fails and she has to take another dose, the grind of her RU-486 abortion really begins – along with the nausea, vomiting, headaches, cramping, bleeding, and Vicodin popping….
slide 20b, live tweeting abortion.png
At this point I must interrupt Angie’s incessant tweets claiming she over-contracepted herself 3 different ways. It was simply a lie. Jumping ahead to a guest blog post Angie wrote on February 22 indicates Angie’s aborted baby was apparently conceived after his or her irresponsible, hormone-driven parents used no protection. This fact also makes Angie’s claims pregnancy would kill her pretty hard to believe. She wasn’t so worried when it mattered.
Can Angie not keep track of her tales? Does she think people are stupid and won’t compare her various accounts?
Slide 20d, live tweeting abortion.png
Continuing Angie’s tweets…
Slide21, live tweeting abortion.PNG
Slide22, live tweeting abortion.PNG
Slide23, live tweeting abortion.PNG
Slide24, live tweeting abortion.PNG
Slide25, live tweeting abortion.PNG

97 thoughts on “Live tweeting abortion, Part V: “Yay! I’m bleeding””

  1. Hey lady,
    If you didn’t want any more children and had health issues, you could have had a tubal ligation. I have no idea why you didn’t, especially if you truly have health issues. It would have been a lot less time, inconvenience, pain, and bleeding. You’re apparently not so close to death’s door you can’t spend your time tweeting, making a youtube video, running to the clinic, caring for a child, in addition to bleeding and ingesting large amounts of pain medication. This would certainly tax the healthiest of women, I can only imagine if the woman is fighting for her life.

  2. Her BF sounds like such a deadbeat. She really considers him a “real man” who doesn’t like to see women suffer??
    Sounds like he’s doing a really good job of making her suffer so far…
    REAL men defend women and children.

  3. Another point,
    Why, if Angie’s life is in danger, did she not have a surgical abortion pronto? Why dink around with all of this?

  4. I added her as a friend on Facebook, not because I support her, but because I was appalled/interested to learn more about her. It seems that most of what she does on Facebook is play Farmville and other games. Hmm…

  5. If you are going to be vomiting and having stomach pains that even Vicodin can’t cure then you might as well get a living child out of it instead of a dead one.

  6. Suzanne,
    You are quite correct that this child should be given a name, and your woman’s heart has intuited that the child is a boy.
    May I suggest the name John, after Jesus’ cousin, the Baptist who leapt with joy in his mother’s womb at the presence of his Savior’s nearness when Mary visited Elizabeth. In so doing, John as a fetus was the first to recognize the Savior when He too was a fetus-conferring great dignity on the human identity and status of the fetus and its ability to respond as a member of God’s creation to its Creator Himself.
    The name etymology:
    English form of Iohannes, the Latin form of the Greek name Ιωαννης (Ioannes), itself derived from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yochanan) meaning “YAHWEH is gracious”.
    May we pray for this sin against God’s graciousness, in his mother’s refusing the gift of this child-a gift not only to herself, but to the world.
    He was ours too.

  7. I agree that the BF is a deadbeat.
    He’s no man. A real man is a protector of his woman and his baby.
    I hope this chick enjoys getting used – cuz that’s exactly what’s going on here.
    What a deal her BF’s got – free sex without ANY responsibility. He doesn’t even have to do the dishes!
    Wonder if she’ll tweet about her world when he walks out the door….
    I agree that we should name the baby and John is lovely.
    I don’t understand why God allowed poor John to die but I know he can bring much good out of his death.

  8. Go to this website:
    Click on: “Watch The Movies” in the middle of the page.
    You will see a short video of a 7 week baby.
    A lot of people (including many on this site) may imagine such a child is just a “blob”. This is absolutely not the case.
    Watch this tiny child, this tiny human being moving his tiny little arms and legs and watch the motion of his little body. Watch his bright red heart beating rapidly under his thin transparent skin.
    This is a real live living growing human being, every bit as human as any of us.
    This is the person, the little boy named “John”, whom this awful woman has just destroyed.
    Watch this video and then weep for all the millions of children like this who are destroyed every year.

  9. Why is it that they get this idea that we’re capable of making them feel guilty? I don’t know of any meat eaters who feel any of the guilt PETA tries to make them feel.
    If all it took to fill you with wracking remorse was a bunch of strangers trying to make you feel guilty, we’d all be weeping in our Cokes every time we ate a Big Mac.

  10. “It is always difficult, psychologically and physically, sometimes tragic. But that won’t stop me from marketing RU-486; after all, there’s money to be made.”

  11. This just makes me so heartbroken. I just do not get the justification and hate. My heart is broken watching this woman kill her baby on purpose with no remorse. I feel so helpless. I know God uses someones sin/tradgedy to show others how awful abortion is ALWAYS.

  12. I was hoping that Angie could “demystify” the play Wicked for me. So far, she is thrilled to be bleeding(YAY!)happy for Vicodin and venting about prolifers. Hardly demystifying the killing of her 2nd child.

  13. Yeah, it’s no worse than your monthly period- so do people normally take vicodin every month for period cramps and bleeding?
    As for removing the stigma surrounding abortion, I think Angie’s tweeting has had the opposite effect. Even most sane individuals on the pro-“choice” side would have to be appalled by this stunt, and want to distance themselves from this kind of behavior. It makes abortion look like what it really is – barbaric and shameful.

  14. “Oh its just cramping like a really really bad period. Not as painful as labour!” YEAH…only after labour you have a great reward–your living baby sleeping in your arms!
    And the BF. What a GREAT guy! I am soooo jealous I didn’t meet him first! i don’t agree with her having an abortion, but if the boyfriend wanted her to have one too, then shouldn’t he be tender with her? Shouldn’t he be showing concern? He left the dishes in her sink, he couldn’t be bothered to dress her son…sounds like such a catch Angie! Really, the forethought and wise judgment you obviously show in selecting sexual partners is impressive!

  15. I am 4 weeks from my due date and to read the stuff she says about her BF is terrible – not that he doesnt deserve it. My hubby rubs my belly and talks to the baby, asks me if I need anything anytime he gets up to get himself something, does the dishes, laundry, makes dinner, I could not have asked for a better guy.
    She is obviously a bad judge of character which has led her to other bad decisions.

  16. I also got the thought this baby would be a boy. Lets name him John Samuel then. John for the reasons someone already gave, and Samuel was also suggested. Samuel was prayed for by his infertile mother. She prayed and prayed for a child and God gave Samuel as a gift to Hannah. She then in turn dedicated Samuel to God’s service. I think its a fitting name.
    Precious John Samuel. You were loved by many and we will all meet you someday in heaven.

  17. Thanks, Kelsey. :)
    There have been 13 deaths by RU-486. I can’t stop thinking about some young girl stumbling across Twitter and thinking that RU-486 is the way to go.
    Satan is laughing.

  18. I’m betting Angie and her boyfriend will be broken up in a year at the absolute most. I think that underneath the complaints about the dishes and not getting her kid ready for school there’s a lot of deeper anger at him.
    It always gets me how pro-choicers claim that the “right” to have an abortion is about privacy, but then they do things like publicize the details of their abortions or make shirts that say “I had an abortion.” The ones who really do believe it’s about privacy must be livid.

  19. I agree about the comments about her BF. I keep thinking about how my husband acted when I was miscarrying. So different. He took care of me and all the household duties. He played with our son so I could nap, even though he was working nights at the time and was exhausted when he got home.
    Same for when I’ve had our children. He always takes care of things around the house until I can get back on my feet. Her guy won’t even feed the rabbits. Sounds like a real catch…

  20. I agree about the comments about her BF. I keep thinking about how my husband acted when I was miscarrying. So different. He took care of me and all the household duties. He played with our son so I could nap, even though he was working nights at the time and was exhausted when he got home.
    Same for when I’ve had our children. He always takes care of things around the house until I can get back on my feet. Her guy won’t even feed the rabbits. Sounds like a real catch…

    But Lauren, she’s sooooo lucky, because he can afford to pay for her abortion!

  21. The really tragic thing about all of this is that there are so many young women like Angie in this generation. Remember when they called the 80’s the “Me Generation”? This is the Me Generation on steroids.
    You’ll notice also, that Angie completely dehumanizes her living child by calling him/her “the kid”.
    Really think your boyfriend will get a vasectomy, Angie? Unless he’s over 30 and has other children, most Urologists won’t do them. Not to mention that if he’s so lazy that he sleeps in, won’t do your dishes, or help with your other child (probably by another boyfriend, long gone no doubt), count on him stepping out in 3….2….1…..
    How terrible…….

  22. I like the name Val for her baby, because Angie discovered she was pregnant around Valentine’s Day, and I think the baby should be a sign that conjugal love should be ordered towards openness to life, and Val is a victim to the ideology that is open to death.

  23. Angie tweeted: “my boyfriend supports me getting the abortion 100 percent. Real men dont like to see women suffer”
    So…all of the above mentioned traits of the boyfriend- not being willing to even help with dishes, dress Angie’s child, and all of the other things she has needed while she is bleeding and being on vicodin, is being a “real man”?
    Yeah, keep showing the world how wonderful “real men” are Angie!

  24. “Where sin is found, grace abounds the more.”
    In this apalling act of aborting one’s child and sending messages out to the whole world of it’s processes and her heartless comments concerning her unborn baby, we who are pro-life can be united in prayer for this child and it’s parents. We can “spiritually adopt” this baby as Archbishop Fulton Sheen use to say, and ask for the baptism of desire for this innocent little one. We can also pray for conversion for this woman and her boyfriend. This is gut-wrenching to wittness the physical killing of this unborn baby, and it is cause for much sorrow to wittness the spiritual dying of the soul of it’s mother and father. May God have mercy on each of them, may He bring the parents to confession and contrition for murderering this innocent child, may He heal them and by grace, draw them back to Himself knowing how great is The Mercy of God. No one is beyond redemption until they draw their last breath. They and all other parents who have killed their offspring need our prayers. The tiny babies still in the womb need us to spiritually adopt them, and ask God in His Mercy to protect them in this most precarious of places-the womb-which use to be the ultimate safety zone for unborn children. How sorrowful, how mournful these times are when 1 out of every 3-4 children are killed before they breath their first breath.

  25. JohnH _
    Just so you know my dh is 29 and got snipped after our birth of fifth child. From all the people I’ve talked to, seems most docs would do it 25 and up. Man from the sounds of it, unless her bf repents, he seriously should have it done!
    I’m not sure I can follow this grossness much longer…. mostly just hoping that this leads her to repentence and healing. Wouldn’t damaging experiences with a twisted religion make it that much more important to discern truth from drivel, instead of sticking your head in the sand and calling yourself an atheist? I mean, how can you call something wrong unless you have an absolute yardstick of rightness to compare it to?

  26. I don’t know who’s nuttier–someone who would tweet their having any type of abortion or individuals who obsess with abortion and worship fetuses.

  27. Gosh, I wish I could find a “real man” who cared enough to have unprotected sex with me with no intention of marrying me, generously pay for an abortion so his use of me as a sex object isn’t interrupted by anything so inconvenient as a child, and then offers to “stand at the bus” w/ my live child while I bleed out my other one. Swoon, some girls have all the luck.

  28. From Bryan Kemper’s Q&A interview with Angie:
    //I recently read on the pro-choice web site 45 million voices that they believe abortion can actually be an act of love, would you agree with that statement?//
    Absolutely. My strong love for my son, and my desire to keep him from harm and out of the foster care system, played at least as mcuh a role in my decision to abort as my own selfish desire to stay alive. I really do believe one child is the right number for me, and the best gift I can give my son is a stable home with a mother who loves him no matter what. I can’t guarantee anyone would love him as much as I do, and the risk of leaving him without family is just not one I was willing to take. This abortion was right for me and right for my son, I strongly believe that. (If I was a Christian, I’d say I “know” it!)
    Angie doesn’t think about the fact that she’s killing her child’s sibling. She’s being a bit short-sighted here if she’s really concerned about leaving him “without family”.
    * * * * *
    Gerard and Sydney,
    I like the name(s) John Samuel for Angie’s baby. It reminds us that every child is a gift.

  29. Just Googled ‘Wicked’.
    A musical based on a tangential takeoff from the ‘Wizarid of Oz’ as told from the witches’ perspective.
    [See C.S. Lewis’ ‘Screwtape Letters’.]
    yor bro ken

  30. “You’ll notice also, that Angie completely dehumanizes her living child by calling him/her ‘the kid’.”
    She obviously has a whole ton of problems, but I don’t think that calling her child “the kid” is necessarily “dehumanizing.” A lot of people who talk about their kids online call them “Kid #1 and Kid #2” or something like that because they don’t want to use their real names on the Internet. My mom calls me “kid” sometimes, as in, “Nice job, kid.” It’s possible Angie is using it in a dehumanizing way, but I think it’s also possible you’re reading too much into it.
    As for “my boyfriend supports me getting the abortion 100 percent,” well, duh, of course he did. This way he only has to make a one-time payment instead of supporting his child for eighteen years. I don’t believe her story that she’d die if she gave birth to this baby, because any regular person who was told they’d die if they had another baby would have themselves sterilized. Or, if they were highly religious, they might risk getting pregnant again and trust in God to take care of them and the baby, but they wouldn’t leave it all to chance and then speak derogatorily about the next baby they got pregnant with as its dead body was leaving theirs. No way. She just flat-out doesn’t want this baby, period. If she had some kind of legitimate medical issue, she’d “demystify” that for us as well.

  31. Jules:
    “I don’t know who’s nuttier–someone who would tweet their having any type of abortion or individuals who obsess with abortion and worship fetuses.”
    Wow Jules. I’ll bet you stayed up half the night and worked through at least seven drafts to come up with such erudition. Almost makes me wish I were pro-choice just for the privilege of hanging with such enlightened and well-spoken people.
    Seriously Jules, with erudition such as yours, you are on your way to the top of the blogosphere. Maybe Planned Parenthood might even offer you a job writing bumper stickers for their on-line store.
    Here’s a freebie for you to get you going in your new career:
    “Be a pro-life iconoclast-Kill a fetus.”
    Be sure to let us know when you make the New York Times Best Seller List.
    Oh, and Jules, you’re a former fetus whose mother thought differently than you do. How perfectly small of you to be so parsimonious in your regard of others.

  32. Gerald (Dr.), your blog explains it all.
    Anyone who listens to and honors men who allegedly abstain from sex (save the child victims) can’t be all there.

  33. Hey Jules,
    It’s a pity that you live your life an inch deep. That’s all you get from Catholicism because that’s all your parsimonious little heart and mind are open to. So listen up genius and I’ll give you an education.
    Jesus Himself called for people to live as He did, abstaining from sex for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven if they were capable of doing so. In your narrow frame of reference, I guess you don’t have much use for Jesus either.
    St. Paul likewise admonished his disciples to live lives of consecrated celibacy in service of the Church if they were capable. I guess St Paul is a lunatic as well in your narrow frame of reference.
    It takes great self-mastery to sublimate one’s sexual energies into a life of service to others. I know that for raging little narcissists such as yourself, all that I’ve written appears to you as the following appears to the pro-lifers here:

  34. And Jules, you can start by learning to read and spell correctly.
    My name is Gerard, not Gerald. But it’s be kind to idiots week, so I’ll spot you five letters and you can simply call me “G”
    Get Well Soon!!!

  35. Jules, I sincerely hope you’re not another moral relativist trying to legitimize such a hedonistic philosophy with atheism. I’m getting really sick of people like that.
    I also feel badly for all of the Catholics here who constantly have to have their beliefs dragged out, stuffed with straw, and beaten to a pulp right in front of them over, and over, and over again by people who refuse to (or cannot) think independently and offer some sort of scientific, philosophical, or legalistic argument that holds at least the tiniest droplet of water.
    I no longer share those beliefs, but I was once a member of the CC, and they’re just ordinary people like anyone else. They believe in science, but use religion to guide their research. I wouldn’t want to be torn apart for the direction of study I happen to take, just because my belief system isn’t identical to that of other people. Talk about “Respect choice.” HA. You guys are so full of it. I respect their choice to believe in their God. You lot respect absolutely nothing. Not human life, not the opinions of others, nor their beliefs. I’m surprised you ever expect anyone to respect the things YOU say. Maybe nobody ever has/does, and that’s why you act in such a reprehensible way, and think the things you do about other people.

  36. Hey Jules,
    Pick a moniker please. More of you under another name does not a PC majority make.
    LOL! Thank you for shining your light here as well!!

  37. From Bryan Kemper’s Q&A interview with Angie:
    Part of Angie’s response to a question:
    I was actually at 4 weeks, 1 day, when the embryo was no more than two layers of cells. The risk it presented to me (and to other women with various conditions) was much, much greater than its size
    At 4 weeks an embryo is more than just a 2 layer cell
    Embryo~ Heart and Circulatory System~ The heart begins beating 3 weeks & 1 day following fertilization
    Watch 4Weeks4Days old~ heartbeat in action

  38. Ha ha ha, GeraRd! Good response! excellent as always! The problem with people like Jules, Angie, and the rest, is that they don’t WANT to abstain from sex so they create lies, such as, if you abstain from sex you will have health problems (not true) or if you abstain from sex you have mental problems (not true).
    People like this refuse to say no to themselves, EVER. Thats why obesity is such a huge problem. “You mean DENY myself that 3rd piece of chocolate cake????” and why STD’s are on the rise, and why road rage is so prevalent “You mean you expect me to CONTROL myself and my emotions???? Well, I never!”
    Sexual desire is a normal, healthy appetite and created by God. The more you feed it with the things you watch on TV etc…the more it can get out of control. In the confines of a marriage, sexuality is a beautiful gift. But like any appetite you can also abuse it. It is so powerful God set down rules for its use. When you break those rules, you see all the societal problems that we now face.

  39. Sydney, Jill, Carla, Xalisae,
    Thanks for your support! Yes, it seems like our friend Jules is a raging narcissist, which doesn’t bother me until they target my Clergy. Then I feel obliged to administer a little of their own medicine.
    I mean seriously, can’t Jules just enjoy fornicating and aborting without getting all personal? I guess that kind of sex mustn’t be all that life-giving and life-affirming, as we married folk know all too well ;-)
    Hey Jules, the sex is WAAAAAAY better on our side of the fence. We actually finish up with a smile, instead of going out and picking fights on blogs. If you’re interested in a real sex life try some faith and reason for a change. Just gotta leave that narcissism behind ya when you jump over.
    Peace All!

  40. Amen, Gerard. I use no contraception and have sex a whole lot more often than most of the pro-choicers probably do… and I get to do it with someone who loves me deeply and respects me too, and who thinks our children are wonderful blessings from God, not tissue to be avoided or discarded.
    ‘Scuse me, a product of conception is trying to get in my lap and snuggle :)

  41. from
    “Angie Jackson Live-Tweets Her Abortion”
    “Anti-Abortion Activists Send Death Threats, Prayers to Tweeting Mom”
    Feb. 25, 2010
    “But her decision to go public with her abortion hasn’t been met without criticism. Jackson says she’s received death threats and postings on her blog that have labeled her a baby killer.”
    ABC gives no quotes of “death threats”. Is she sensationalizing, or is it true?

  42. And why the heck would someone want to share something so “private” and “personal” as undergoing and sharing details of a medical procedure or pregnancy loss as it is occuring, with complete strangers on Twitter, Facebook, or You Tube? It seems that people are all too often sharing too personal of stuff and too much information on these social networking websites anymore.

  43. “I thought abortion was between a woman and her doctor? Oh and everyone in tweetland.”
    Right! Everyone is welcome to active participation except God and His priests and ministers.

  44. Angies latest rant-“everyone is so mean and no one offered to help”. I offered to adopt and got told to f*** off. Double standard?
    Up next-“just took a laxative!” #livetweetingdiarrhea desmytifying the inner workings of the colon or some other moonbattery-whats she gonna do when her fan club deserts her? Maybe reflect on the reason everyone spoke out in the first place? I know thats an awful lot to hope for. ‘My whole life is an open book on a public social forum! How DARE you ask me any questions!’ Liberal logic (fail).

  45. Moonbat,
    Welfare will pay to tie her tubes. Since shes aready sucking off the govt teat it shouldnt be too much of a stretch for her to arrange it. Theyll load her up with more vicodin too. For the win, eh?

  46. If you know this to be true, I’m sure you’ve already gone and pointed out how exactly she should go about getting a welfare-paid tubal ligation? You’ve made this public knowledge so that all women who want this procedure done but cannot pay for it can obtain one for free? I know quite a few friends who’d love to know how to have a tubal done for free.

  47. The state is more than happy to sterilize women, Linda. One less mouth to feed and one less abortion to fund. Typical liberal entitlement issues-‘you want me to be responsible-YOU pay for it.’ Why is it you need retraining on a daily basis? Didnt you just admit only yesterday that youre not entitled to the hard earned money of others to pay for YOUR abortions? There are plenty of govt funded programs that pay for tubal ligations. If you can afford an abortion, you can afford free. Welcome to the nanny state.
    “The most terryfying words you can hear: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
    -Ronald Reagan
    I didnt see any of the proaborts kicking in to help pay for the RU486, did you? Moonbattery…

  48. I don’t personally feel entitled to anything. But, you keep speaking about these free tubal ligations. All I’m asking is- have you made your knowledge of where women can obtain these free tubal ligations public? Have you created a blog post explaining how women can go about obtaining one?
    I’m not asking for YOU to give anyone money. I’m asking you to share your knowledge. Is that really so hard to understand?

  49. Moonbat, you just left a comment demanding Angies detractors pay for her tubal ligation. Contact your local welfare office, or are you too lazy to google that? By the way, where was your ‘Christian’ outrage at Angies derogatory comments against Christ? More important to defend her than Him? Nice priorities, CINO. Again, if youre so concerned about Angies financial state, why didnt you and the coathanger crew offer to pay for her abortion? You tweeted that everyone here is ‘nuts’-why even read this blog? Your lame attempts to bully folks here are laughable.

  50. Jill,
    I have witnessed some of the vilest behavior one could imagine if one were the sickest most depraved mind on the planet, but I cannot stomach any more of this the world revolves around me ice princess.
    I pity the hapless lad who co-habitates with her.
    At least he use her heart to keep his beer cold.
    yor bro ken

  51. Jill,
    I have witnessed some of the vilest behavior one could imagine if one were the sickest most depraved mind on the planet, but I cannot stomach any more of this the world revolves around me ice princess.
    I pity the hapless lad who co-habitates with her.
    At least he can use her heart to keep his beer cold.
    yor bro ken

  52. Are we still talking about Angie? Sorry, I thought we were talking about women in general.
    If a person searches out information on how to obtain a free tubal ligation, is it their fault for not being able to find any information, or your fault because you know how but refuse to share such information?
    I apologize if you misunderstood me, but I never demanded anyone pay for anything, for Angie or for myself.

  53. Moonbeam-google ‘govt grants for tubal ligation’ and ‘medicare/medicaid tubal ligation’ that should keep you busy for awhile-now if youll excuse me ive got a baby to take care of…
    Ken-me neither-sick to death of the ‘gimmes’

  54. Janet, If she had actually gotten death threats, she would post them in a second.
    As for “baby killer” Wah. She killed her baby and bragged to the world. Now she’s shocked SHOCKED! that people might think poorly of her. Boo-freaking-ho.

  55. Gee, Gerard, you should talk:
    “And Jules, you can start by learning to read and spell correctly.
    My name is Gerard, not Gerald. But it’s be kind to idiots week, so I’ll spot you five letters and you can simply call me “G”
    Get Well Soon!!!”
    Wouldn’t that be, “Be Kind to Idiots Week”?
    By the way, I am being kind to Sarah Palin this week in observance.

  56. Well Jules, it took you several hours to find the error. I guess there may be a glimmer of hope for you.
    Now perhaps you would be good enough to address the issue of Jesus and St Paul advocating celibacy.
    It’s called following an argument.

  57. But Jilllllll G….(whiny voice) I can’t find the information MYSELF on welfare-funded tubal ligations!! UGH…YOU have to do if FOR me! WAHHHH!!!! I can’t be expected to educate myself, find a job, act morally, not sleep around, not steal from my employer and not kill my children. YOU have to take care of EVERYTHING for me….WAHHHH. If you don’t give me that information on free tubals right now I’ll just have to keep killing my unborn babies till you do! Humpf!

  58. Where can I get a nifty Sara Palin-shaped scarecrow like the one you’re battling with, Jules?! It’s too cute.
    “I apologize if you misunderstood me, but I never demanded anyone pay for anything, for Angie or for myself.
    Posted by: KushielsMoon at February 25, 2010 6:31 PM”
    (I love how, even when you’re backtracking, you try to phrase your “apology” as if it’s the person you lied to’s fault. “I’m sorry if YOU misunderstood me…” No, you’re lying. Nice try though.)
    @antitheistangie: For EVERYBODY saying “Why not tie yer tubes?” You wanna Pay $10,000 for it? I’ll let you! #livetweetingabortion #Prochoice
    An open invitation!
    Posted by: KushielsMoon at February 25, 2010 3:40 PM
    Kushie…Liars will burn in the lake of fire!!!!
    In the New Testament, Jesus refers to the Devil as the father of lies (John 8:44) and Paul commands Christians “Do not lie to one another” (Colossians 3:9, Cf.Leviticus 19:11). St. John the Revelator reports that God said “..all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” [Rev 21:8]

  59. While I am pro-choice, I must say I found this to be quite unsettling. This woman seems like she is seeking attention, and does not speak compassionately of her unborn son. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to have an abortion, but if I did, I know that I would be way too emotionally disturbed to even talk about it, let alone make jokes.

  60. Why do you consider yourself “pro-choice”? Why is it unsettling if it should still be considered an acceptable avenue of action? Given all of the help and alternatives available to pregnant women in crisis, why do you feel that abortion should still be viewed as a necessity?

  61. you know what makes me sick about this woman being happy that she’s “bleeding”? My sister in law’s elder sister just miscarried her 4th child. She and her husband have three young sons already, but they were obviously ready for a 4th baby. A very much WANTED baby.
    Oh, and why do pro aborts always have to bring up Catholic priests? There are OTHER clergy who abuse children AND there are PUBLIC SCHOOL teachers that do so, too.

  62. Liz,
    I recently heard a statistic that said that one in ten Americans is an ex-Catholic. Hard to believe. So, there are a lot of angry people out there who’ll say anything to knock the Church. Unfortunately most who leave do so because of one issue or event, such as the priest scandal. Fortunately for them, the Church is ready to welcome them back at any time. (They can google “Catholics Come Home”.)

  63. Well…look, I have a lot of love and respect for my Catholic friends here. I went through RCIA to join the Catholic church and the priest that led it was a very nice older man. I really got along well with him and developed an affection for him. Then suddenly he was moved from the parish to another parish hours away.
    My husband and I requested that he come back to marry us since we knew him so well (we THOUGHT) and liked him so much. Finally permission for him to come back was resentfully given. He married us. That was over 5 years ago.
    now this priest is back at this parish. Guess what we found out (and confirmed through news articles). This priest liked to pick up teenage boys. He tried to pick up a boy in philly and was stabbed in the gut years ago. He apparently was inappropriate with some boys at the church and that is why he was shipped out.
    WHY IS HE STILL A PRIEST???? I absolutely agree the Catholic church will answer someday as to why they did not have these pedophiles prosecuted. They have hurt the church and the work of Christ terribly. Its the same as if we all tried to hide Scott Roeder after he killed Tiller. It will hurt the Catholic church. I refuse to let my son go to the Catholic church because of this. I know there are protestant ministers that molest too…but not on the scale of what Catholic priests have done, and even worse is the cover up. It is not why I left the church but it is why I will never allow my son to be alone with any priest.

  64. Angie likes the attention she gets by killing her own offspring? The word sociopath comes to mind. She’ll probably try to get pregnant again soon just so she can kill again.

  65. Sydney M.,
    It’s horrible that this priest you describe would be serving in a parish. I don’t know what to say, not knowing the situation. Unless he is your pastor, I would first approach the pastor of your parish regarding the matter and if you aren’t satisfied with his answer, go to the Bishop. In my area of the country a priest would be relieved of his parish duties immediately. Many have been, so I know the problem is not being ignored.
    I’m truly sorry that you’ve had such an experience. This is the exact type of thing that the Church doesn’t want to go unnoticed. They know the damage that has been done to the Church and more importantly to the faithful by these men who have sinned.
    I hope some day you will consider returning to the Catholic Church with your son. The priests being ordained today are amazing, holy men. Find a new parish you are comfortable in. We are waiting with open arms and
    Jesus waits for you. God bless.

  66. Hey Jake,
    Maybe you could look Angie up? You definitely wouldn’t need to worry about being coerced into caring for a baby. But she might kill you when shes done using you to impregnate her…kinda like a black widow spider does to her mates.

  67. Sydney,
    The Catholic church has a catechism that teaches truthful doctrine. If you agree with the church’s teachings, which are Christocentric, then you can join in communion with like-mided individuals; including our disgust for pedophilia.
    If I were you I think I would start by confronting the priest who married you about the pedophilia allegations. It could be very liberating. The peace of Jesus Christ be with you always.

  68. Sydney M, if you sincerely believe you have credible information that a parish priest is putting children at risk, please take Janet’s advice and tell someone! Here is a list of diocesan safe environment coordinators you can call or email. God bless :)

  69. Sydney,
    Not ALL Catholic Priests are like the one you described. Most are very Holy and truly have a great love For Jesus!
    Do what Janet suggested if you sincerely believe you have credible information.

  70. No offense to my dear Catholic friends here, but why would I call diocesan safe environment coordinators? the Church is well aware of this priest behavior. They know. They keep switching him around to different parishes.
    I certainly realize most priests are not molesters. I know that. The problem I have is that the Catholic church keeps covering it up! They are NOT DEALING WITH THIS…so how can I trust them? I can’t. I don’t. I loved this priest. I was heartbroken to find out about his perversion and how the Catholic church never took care of it but just shipped him around where more children were potentially put at risk. These men who are enslaved to the sin of pedophilia have no business being priests. How can they act as shepherds to Christ’s flock when they engage in serious sin over and over? They are like wolves in sheep’s clothing and until they get a handle on that sin they have no business being priests.

  71. the Church is well aware of this priest behavior. They know. They keep switching him around to different parishes.
    If he is a known abuser, that should not be going on, and I urge you to call the USCCB’s Secretariat for Child and Youth Protection at 202-541-5413 if you have concern that your diocese is covering up abuse.
    I suggested the diocesan coordinator because not only can he take information from you, he can very likely point you toward additional information about this priest. But if you believe it’s a diocesan problem of being transferred from parish to parish, then I encourage you to talk to the USCCB secretariat’s office. Do it anonymously if you want. But please do it if you believe your diocese is putting children at risk!

  72. Sydney, Catholic priests are statisticly no more likely to molest children than are Harvard University Professors. Nor are they statisticly more likely to molest than any other religion, that has been proven over and over, that per capita, Catholic Priests are no more nor no less likely to molest than any other Christian Religious leader.
    The Catholic Church’s moving of Priest’s around from Parish to Parish was what made the molestations more horrible. You find the exact same problems in other churches as well. In my town in particular, we had a Baptist Youth minister transferred in that molested at least 13 boys at a Baptist Orphanage. He had molested 5 boys at his old church (five that they knew about).
    If you know or strongly suspect with good reason that children are being molested and you are not doing everything in your power to stop it, you can be legally prosecuted in most states. Morally, if you are not protecting those children then you are just as guilty as the Priest that is molesting them. Call, if the first call doesn’t bring the desired result, then call someone else. Frankly, just call everyone that should be concerned with the issue to start with, the church, the state child services office, and the police. That way it can’t possibly be ignored.

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