Thanks again to moderator Carder for encouraging me to blog at I’m also grateful to Andrew Breitbart, a staunch pro-lifer, for accepting me.
After just 3 weeks in the blogosphere, cracked the Technorati Top 100, making its debut at #95. This was an amazing feat.
Technorati top 100.png
I’ve had 2 posts published at Our deal is to let BigJ have the exclusive for 24 hours, and then I can crosspost.
The forum at BigJ provides pro-lifers a great opportunity to stake a solid foothold in the anti-MSM, mainstream conservative blogosphere.
And the more pro-lifers can point out MSM’s shortcomings on our issue, the greater the pressure will be for MSM to conform. So if you spot any anti-life spin while reading or viewing MSM, please forward that information to me?

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