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by Susie Allen, TN pro-life activist

  • Mark Pickup contrasts Nobel Peace Prize winners Mother Teresa and Barack Obama

  • … Which view of children do you want? Mother Teresa’s inclusive value of all children or Barack Obama’s selective value given to only some children?
    Both Mother Teresa and Barack Obama received Nobel Peace Prizes. Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 after more than 30 years working with the poorest of the poor in the slums of Calcutta. Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize in October 2009, after a mere 9 months in the White House for his vast accomplishments, doing, – well, er, not much. Who deserved the Nobel Prize more: Mother Teresa or B.O.?


  • At MommyLife, Barbara updates us on talented daughter Maddy singing to raise money for Haiti and how her appearance on American Idol is being used to save babies while enduring criticism from an unusual audience:

    One of the things briefly mentioned was the blow-back in the comments at their blog post highlighting Maddy’s American Idol audition. I so understand where Maddy’s Christian critics are coming from. I would have been here myself in 1990 when I had a very secure idea of how God wanted his believers to act, dress, sound, behave….
    Those days were easy because we never had to think for ourselves or learn to discern God’s purpose for our family or our individual lives. And it was certainly easy to judge everyone else according to our ultra-righteous standards.

  • directs us to a story regarding attorney Gloria Allred’s duplicity:

    She contends the story of Tebow’s birth is untrue – that doctors never recommended an abortion for Tebow’s mom Pam because she contracted a dangerous disease and that the medicine would affect Tebow during the pregnancy….
    In an open letter to Les Moonves… President and CEO of… CBS… Allred bases her contention on the mere fact that abortion is illegal in the Philippines.
    According to Allred, the doctor would never have suggested Pam get an abortion because he could lose his license for doing so…..

    It is amazing to see Allred, who attended Tiller’s funeral wearing 1 of his “Trust Women” buttons, take this approach. This is compartmentalizing at its best. She once emphasized the humanity of the preborn with the killing of Laci and her preborn son Conner Peterson to get the result she wanted but now wants to throw Tim Tebow under the bus.

  • At any rate, as Only Castles of My Own reported today about Fox’s Megyn Kelly’s interview with Allred and Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly on February 1:
  • Daly counters Ms. Alred with the fact that abortion was legal in the Philippines at the time and can be easily researched…. Megyn Kelly does a fine job here with Ms. Allred. I especially like her comment when she asks Ms. Allred that isn’t the right to free speech more speech, not less….

  • At the Pro-Life Action League blog, Eric Scheidler sees a silver lining in the Scott Roeder case:

    Throughout this whole episode, the mainstream media have resisted the temptation to link legitimate pro-life activists with the likes of Roeder. That’s a significant positive development.

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