Hitler/abortion billboard makes international news; Polish pro-lifers on fire

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Read backstory here.
Investing in provocative pro-life billboard signs appears to be money well spent….

Anyone with half an ear toward the news knows the GA Right to Life/Radiance Foundation “Black children are an endangered species” billboard campaign has generated an amazing amount of press.
Meanwhile one measly pro-life billboard sign located in Posnan, Poland, is making news – showing the reality of abortion – around the world, from the US (even HuffPo), to London, to Israel, to Russia, to India, to, of course, Poland. I don’t speak Polish but get the gist of this headline…
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Our Polish friend with the pro-life group stopaborcji wrote:

After the Poznan billboard (it is still there) abortionists don’t know what to do. We don’t hire security, and they don’t attack our displays. I said in media that attacks attract media attention. Probably they believe me.

Lol. Now the group is working toward posting the billboard in 2 more major Polish cities as well as preparing to set up up the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s graphic displays in Koszalin (100k population in NW Poland), Przeworsk (15k population in SE Poland), and Tarnow (100k population in S Poland).
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For those unconvinced or averse to graphic displays, read this email from our Polish friend:

I had been involved in pro-life activity in Poland since 2000. After some years I was a little frustrated due to lack effect of our activity. In December 2005 Gregg Cunningham came to Poland. I attended meeting with him. His speech was clear and moving, although the proposals were astonishing.
After some weeks of thinking our group decided to follow the way of CBR. The effects are also astonishing. Number of abortion supporters in Poland has dropped rapidly, number of abortion opponents grow rapidly. Today is real possibility to ban abortion in Poland totally. I hope we will exploit the possibility. We are big debtors of CBR and Gregg.
Cooperation with CBR made also possibility to meet wonderful people. I am very grateful for this.

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22 thoughts on “Hitler/abortion billboard makes international news; Polish pro-lifers on fire”

  1. Jill,
    I always appreciate your posts. Here’s another great one. Fr. Pavone says constantly that people will not reject abortion until they see it. Perfect example of it here in Poland.
    God Bless your great work!

  2. In the European Union, three countries do not recognize legal abortion on demand. They are Ireland, Malta, and Poland. So someone please enlighten me why this campaign is seen necessary in Poland. Is this a campaign to criminalize abortion (prosecute women and doctors who engage in it)?
    Oh, and we will prevail in Ireland. Legal termination through the first trimester is coming soon to that nation. Portugal has relaxed its restrictions. Spain is about to do the same. Our side is winning this healthcare battle.

  3. Does make you wonder though what affect they have on those who have already had abortions and do not know Gods mercy…especially the ones who may already be suicidal. We may never know that.
    Also, small kids seeing it in such a public display.
    While I agree people need to see what abortion is, I am not so sure about this method. I think we can abort God mercy through them for some, and traumatize young kids .

  4. LOL Dhalgren,
    Abortion is not healthcare. Your side is promoting abortion world wide because the US is rejecting it in greater numbers.

  5. Abortion doesn’t solve ANYTHING, Dhalgren. Don’t know why you’re so obsessed with killing unborn babies.
    How about extending a hand of friendship to a frightened woman who is being coerced into abortion by an abusive boyfriend? Instead of taking a woman for abortion, help her so she doesn’t seek abortion.

  6. Dhalgren,
    Do you realize that in saying “we” you have just place yourself within the group of individuals who regularly commit the carnage seen in the pictures above?
    I’m forced to wonder if you would similarly view the killing fields of Cambodia and ask, “how can I make sure more of this happens?”

  7. Dhalgren,
    Abortion in Poland is banned except in the following three circumstances.
    When the woman’s life or health is endangered by the continuation of pregnancy,
    When the pregnancy is a result of a criminal act, or
    When the fetus is seriously malformed
    (from Wiki)
    As you know, clever manipulation of these exceptions to enable a pregnant woman to secure an abortion happens EVERY day in the U.S. and most likely everywhere in the world including Poland.
    The purpose of pro-life protests are to educate the public who don’t understand the reality of abortion and what it looks like, and to ultimately make abortion illegal. It is about caring for women who find themselves in dire situations without support – the goal is not to throw women in jail. Think about it, we don’t have enough jails to put one-third of the female population in jail, and it certainly wouldn’t bode well for their other children and husbands, would it? Give pro-lifers credit for having compassion.

  8. Dhalgren, you will never prevail in Ireland. Personhood is enshrined in the constitution of both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Even the most liberal of politicians are not pushing for repeal of abortion laws.
    Keep dreaming

  9. Wow, Tarnow! I have family there, in a little suburb named Zabnow. I’ll have to find out if they know about this…. time to contact cousin Sophie!

  10. Go Poland! Woo hoo!
    Dhalgren, you will NEVER prevail in Ireland! I may live in the US, but my family is from Ireland, and we are well aware of what is going on there – trust me, abortion will NOT be legal EVER again. Ireland will forever be free from bloodshed once we get those British out of there! We will be free from tyranny, and the Good Lord will rule over Eire forever! Ireland doesn’t want abortion! My country wants no one from the outside imposing laws upon them! We’ve been through that, and it will never happen again.
    Erin Go Bragh!

  11. Dhalgren said, “Our [pro-abortion] side is winning this healthcare battle.”
    Here are some “Lessons on ‘Reproductive Health’ from Europe” (Ian Gentles, the National Post, February 5):
    Since the fall of Poland’s communist regime, maternal mortality in that country has plunged by more than 75%. Infant mortality is down by almost two-thirds, and the rate of premature births has dropped by well over a half. The reduction in premature births is important because premature children are prone to all sorts of medical and social afflictions. Perhaps the most serious of these is a much greater chance of being born with cerebral palsy than full-term babies…
    Why has Poland made such strides in improving both maternal and infant health? Certainly not by spending a lot of money on “reproductive health services,” to use the preferred euphemism. Poland is a poor country, much poorer than either Canada or its immediate European neighbours. The money simply isn’t there for any lavish program to improve maternal and infant health. The only change that could have produced such a dramatic improvement is the documented decline in the induced abortion rate.
    Since 1989, Poland has virtually banned induced abortion…

  12. I look forward to the day that people no longer need to be educated like this and these billboards can come down. It’s amazing people are still deceived today into believing that a four week old baby is just a blob of cells. Some of it must be a voluntary decption of convenience on the part of the deceived.

  13. Now all we need is the Hitler/Euthanasia connection on billboards across the world and maybe the Netherlands will reverse its crazy laws of killing their “unwanted” elderly, children, youth etc. It progressed from the sick and infirm to unwanted youth .. yup, parents in the Netherlands can have their doctor euthanize their own kids, if they get tired of them. How demonic is that?!
    Good for my homeland, Poland. I’m glad someone had the guts to put those huge billboards up and show them what abortion is all about – that is what Fr. Frank Pavone keeps talking about for years now .. and yet, where is the freedom of speech in the United States? How come we cannot have those type of images up on our billboards here? We see lots of nudity and other such filth, but not the truth about the silent holocaust that is happening on a daily basis. Now, with the Obama health care reform we will all be paying for abortions – we will have blood of the innocent on our hands more than ever before. This Christian Nation must stand up to the tyranny of those who are ruled by Satan.

  14. Dhalgren:
    “Our side is winning this healthcare battle.”
    Please accept these words from a doctor of medical microbiology and molecular biology. A healthcare battle is supposed to end disease by killing the organisms that kill humans.
    Your side is killing the patients. 1.8 Billion since 1960. I don’t call that winning, unless you’re employed by the germs.

  15. I am pro-life, but I do not agree with the rest of the community being subjected to those images. Moreso for the vulnerable members of society (children) they really don’t need to see those images. Honestly?
    My two teenagers know what an abortion is, but I have not shown them images, I don’t think they need to know at this stage of their life. My 9 year old son does not know about abortion though and I will not tell him until he is able to digest the information.

  16. Our side is winning this…battle.
    Posted by: Dhalgren at March 10, 2010 3:57 PM
    Dhalgren sounds like the Iraqi Information minister during the Gulf War.*LOL*

  17. you are an evil, evil woman.
    Posted by: tommy at March 11, 2010 11:28 AM
    Tell me,Tommy, who is the evil one here: those who support the killing of the innocent unborn babies in a mother’s womb OR those who oppose it?

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