Last night fellow actors and friends introduced the best/supporting actor/actress Academy Award nominees, which I thought was a nice touch.
michelle pfeiffer.jpgSo Michelle Pfeiffer introduced longtime friend Jeff Bridges, nominee for Best Actor. The 2 became friends when filming The Fabulous Baker Boys together in 1989.
Pfeiffer gave a really touching speech, and I noticed 1 important attribute she noted of Bridges was he had been with his wife Susan for 31 years and was a wonderful father to their 3 daughters. I think the audience may have even applauded about the longevity of his marriage. By America’s standard today 31 years is a long time, but in Hollywood it’s an eternity….

And I thought, it really always comes down to this. No matter what one’s resume looks like, what really matters in the end is was 1 a good family person or a cad. Liberals try to downplay the importance of marriage and the classic family structure, but they innately know it’s the right way to go.
I started reading about Bridges today. I found a beautiful article he wrote for Readers Digest in 2006 and another great piece at Sue Russell writes!
jeff and susan bridges.jpgThe role-modeling Bridges’ parents gave was important. Lloyd and Dorothy were married 59 years when he died in 1998.
I was really happy when Jeff won Oscar for Best Actor. I was rooting for him. Aside from admiring his strong moral compass, I thought he was great in Crazy Heart (although I only give the movie 3 stars… didn’t like the end).
The photo, left, is of Sue congratulating Jeff when he was announced the winner. It’s interesting that this particular photo is quite popular on google images right now, moreso than Bridges on stage accepting the award.

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