Using Google Labs to show the world depopulation crisis

Moderator Chris turned me on to this yesterday via the blog Out of our minds too.
Anyone can make their own Google Lab composite from the available options.
Below is a chart showing the crashing world fertility rate (although Africa’s remains high), while meanwhile life expectancy is increasing. The chart looks better at the site, where you can ID any country you’d like, but you’ll get the drift. I spotlighted Rwanda to show the impact civil war and genocide had there during the early 90s. Click on the arrow at the lower right to make the chart move…

Any country with a fertility rate below 2.1 is not sustaining itself – it is dying. At some point a country can’t turn around. Run your cursor over the balls to see which countries are in trouble….

Furthermore, as Chris wrote, “Older populations need young people to care for the elderly. However, the younger generations won’t be there. The advent of contraception and abortion is having a major adverse impact on the entire world.”
The next chart (better view here) shows that the prevalence of contraception, which includes the mass distribution of condoms, has had no negative impact on HIV. Rather, as contraceptive usage has gone up, so has the rate of HIV, in general. Note Uganda, however, which promotes the abstinence/be faithful message, fighting the tide. Also note the U.S. apparently stopped tracking cases of HIV in 1995…

I’ve been playing with this for over an hour. Fascinating and objectively demonstrative of our points that the world is suffering from a depopulation crisis, and contraceptives only hurt, they don’t help.

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  1. This is an email sent to me by a dear friend which I also posted at http://www.Ixoye.Name:
    “Two of the things that never cease to amaze me about the abortion industry is that they are always willing to stoop to new lows and that they seem to believe their own lies. As you know, I keep track of a lot of political happenings. But, the abortion issue is the one I know the most about, and the one that gets me the most fired up. The more I know, the worse it gets.
    A few days ago I saw a story about a 27 year old woman who decided to post a play by play account of her “morning after pill” induced abortion on twitter. She wanted to de-stigmatize and demystify abortion. The worst part about it was how emotionless she was about it. So sad. Apparently Planned Parenthood thinks that tweeting abortion stories is a fabulous idea. They have called for women across America to send their stories via Twitter. Now, granted, they are not calling for detailed accounts of the abortion itself but they are specifically looking for stories of ” women who have experienced wanted pregnancies where there was a severe health risk to the fetus, causing the women to choose abortion.” (I copied and pasted this right off of the PP website) They want to send these stories to Congress to help keep pro-life language out of the Healthcare Bill. “Severe health risk to the fetus”…Really? It seems as if abortion provides the most severe health risk of all. And, what exactly does that mean anyway? Is Down’s Syndrome a “severe health risk”? 90% of all Down’s babies are aborted after all. What exactly are we talking about and why are they going down this road?
    Keep in mind that less than 5% of all abortions are due to rape or a health risk of the mother. That means that 95% are elective (I’m using round numbers but that’s pretty close) So, I guess if you’re Planned Parenthood, the best subgroup of this 95% to focus on is those who “wanted” a baby but the baby had some type of health risk so they decided to abort. I mean you can’t exactly use stories of women who use abortion as birth control or stories of women who have been coerced by someone they love into having an abortion. Aside from the obvious fact that we are talking about babies who went from facing a “health risk” to facing certain death, there are 2 other problems with this.
    First of all, the stated point of collecting these stories is to send them to Congress with the intention of “fighting to protect women’s health and ensure access to safe abortion care”. In other words, to keep pro life language out of the healthcare bill. Even if the healthcare bill passes with strictest possible pro-life language, it will not be ILLEGAL to terminate a baby with a “health risk”. We are really talking about public funding here. They are trying to cloud the issue with stories of “wanted” pregnancies that went awry in order to gain some sympathy for their ’cause’ and force you and I to pay Planned Parenthood even more of our tax money. But, that’s not what they say, is it? They can’t say that. Secondly, they do not appear to notice the irony of this particular type of story. It was less than 2 months ago that all the pro-abortion activists were up in arms over Focus on the Family’s Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial. Remember that? It was simply the story of a woman who faced a pregnancy where there was a “health risk” to her and her baby. She CHOSE to continue with the pregnancy, and both she and the baby ended up being perfectly fine. Mrs. Tebow’s story however is apparently different. She chose life, and she was and still is happy with that decision. So, that story must be silenced. In the same way, they hated Sarah Palin for her choice to bring a Down’s Syndrome baby into the world. These same pro abortion circles also fought tooth and nail to prevent Scott Peterson from being charged with 2 murders. In their world, a 9 month old ‘fetus’ cannot be murdered because he was not a person… even though that particular baby was wanted AND chosen by his mother. That choice doesn’t need to be protected. Pro-abortion activists are not really concerned with promoting choice. They want to promote abortion at all costs.
    Several years ago I did a major study through the books of Kings and Chronicles. While doing this study, I found a story which personifies the abortion industry in my mind. It is the story of Queen Athaliah (2 Kings 11 & 2 Chron 22 & 23) Her son, the king, had been killed. So she decides to usurp the throne. In order to do this she kills all of the royal heirs…her grandchildren. Her daughter manages to hide one of her brother’s children in the temple for 6 years. This boy was Joash, who became king at 7 years old and ended up repairing the temple. This queen was willing to justify the murder of children in order to gain and maintain power and wealth. That so reminds me of the abortion industry. It is not about women, it’s not about choice, it’s all about gaining power and wealth.
    I find it ironic that Queen Athaliah was unseated by someone from the very generation of children she was out to destroy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the same thing happened to the likes of Planned Parenthood and NARAL. In some senses it is happening. Studies show that the younger generation (those who have always known and been the target of legal abortion) is more pro-life than the generation that legalized it. I also think of Lila Rose and Live Action. Her videos, even though they are ignored by the mainstream media, have made a difference. Things may look bleak on the national front, but much has happened at the state level. After Live Action’s undercover videos several states have taken action. Alabama put Planned Parenthood on probation for a year, Tennesse took 1.1 million dollars in state funding from Planned Parenthood and gave it to other health clinics, and Planned Parenthood is being investigated in several other states. Here in Arizona in 2009, we were able to pass the abortion consent act, which is one of the most aggressive pieces of pro-life legislation any state has recently passed. It is currently stalled in the courts, but I remain hopeful that it will go into effect.
    So, things are far from hopeless and there is much that we can and should do.
    1. First, we need to always be in prayer..for the abortion doctors and activists who will one day have to stand before God and explain their actions, for the women who have out of desperation or hardness of heart already had or are planning to have an abortion, and for those who work in the pro-life arena. We also need to pray for God to have mercy on our country which has allowed this atrocity to continue for far too long.
    2. Secondly we need to be active in supporting legislation that places reasonable limits on the abortion industry. There are so many ways that abortion can be legally restricted so that women and girls are not preyed upon by the industry.
    3. We need to support those who are in the trenches in this area, people who stand up for life every day. This includes pro-life legislators, pro-life groups like Right to Life, Life News, Live Action, 40 Days for Life etc , local family policy councils like Center for Arizona Policy and others who author and fight for pro-life legislation, and pro-life women’s clinics like Crisis Pregnancy Centers who council women directly.
    4. We must be willing to speak up, to keep each other informed and activated, to let our legislators know we are out there, and to help minister to, and love girls and women we know who face an unplanned pregnancy. They need to hear from us!
    I leave you with the scripture verse that I have been continually drawn to this year as it relates to life… This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to His voice, and hold fast to Him. Deut 30:19-20
    Debi Vandenboom”
    Debi….you are the best!

  2. The anti-population growth crowd, the tree huggers, the Al Gore band have one thing in common….they know nothing of their Creator who says in Genesis 1:26-28.
    “26Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”
    27God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; (male and female He created them.
    28God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
    Yes, these God-haters think that God is an imbecile and can’t take care of His own Creation or equip his people to do what He has commanded them to do. Their solution: love animals more than people, cherish nature over people, if people are an inconvenience; kill ’em.

  3. This is really cool. It also seems like a good thread to share this bit of news.
    Right now me, my stepsister, and my stepmom are all pregnant with little boys. My stepmom is due in April, I’m due in July, and my sister is due in August.
    We’re doing our part to combat depopulation!

  4. Thanks guys! My sister just found out she was having a boy today. My step mom and I have been pregnant together before, but this is the first time we’re both having babies of the same sex. It should be a blast lining up our little boys for pictures when they get here!

  5. Jill,
    One quibble.
    You said, “90% of all Down’s babies are aborted after all.”
    Actually it is only 90% of those who are detected. Many women refuse the testing. Many more are not offered (amnio) testing.
    I think we want to be careful not to fall for false statistics pushed by pro-aborts.

  6. Lauren: Oh, wow! Congratulations!
    hippie: I totally believe that thing about people who’ve had one sexual partner having more kids. If you’re married or otherwise with one person long-term, you have a stable environment to bring children into and both you and your spouse know you’re in it for the long run.
    China’s entire population situation is depressing. I realize they had an enormous population at one point, but the whole one-child policy made more problems than it solved. Now they’ve got a country that’s going to be largely populated with elderly people after a while, while a significant majority of the younger people will be men. Plus they’ve got a whole generation of people where almost no one has grown up with a sibling, which has to affect the culture. I’m an only child and I’m happy I’m an only child (not that I would have hated siblings or anything), but siblings are a significant factor in most people’s lives.

  7. Yeah, very sad. China will grow old before it grows rich. Perhaps the growing number of Christians will help forestall the decline. I have seen estimates that China may have as many as 200 million Christians. That means it could become the country with the most Christians rather soon especially if they manage to thwart the one child policy. Actually fertility rate in China is about 1.7 children per woman, so they average more than the one child they claim. Ironic that persecution actually drives people toward religion.

  8. Lauren:
    Congrats! I always tell people that I am not just pro-life, I am Pro-Creation. I am pregnant with our fifth child (due in August).
    Great point! I, too, am an only child-but I have always HATED it. (personal preference). It’s probably part of the reason that I have desired a big family for such a long time.
    The connection that siblings seem to have is so special and not easily replicated in friendships. I can’t get enough of watching my kids interact with each other. It’s amazing to me how they just naturally care for each other and help each other out. To have a country full of only children seems to me a very sad thing indeed.

  9. “Actually it is only 90% of those who are detected. Many women refuse the testing. Many more are not offered (amnio) testing. ”
    hippie, you are right that the 90% (I’ve also seen 93%)is the number for those aborted after they’ve been detected. However, I believe the percentage is still pretty high, in the 80’s, for all babies w/DS aborted.
    It may be that many women decline testing; however, the number who do decline testing is probably decreasing quite a bit. In 2007 the American College of OBGyns (ACOG) recommended that ALL pregnant women (not just 35 and older) be screened (blood tests and ultrasound). What mother wouldn’t refuse an ultrasound? If their “risk” of having a baby w/DS is high as a result of the screening, they would be offered an amnio. But with the combination of blood tests and high-def ultrasound, babies w/DS are being detected much earlier in the preg. when an abortion is less complicated.
    Also, there are supposed to be new tests coming out (I haven’t kept on top of this one) that can detect DS definitively by a simple maternal blood test early in the preg. Once that is standard procedure, these babies are toast. It will only be the stalwart pro-lifers who will be refusing these tests, I think.

  10. Eileen,
    Polls show that about 70% of women say they would not have an abortion themselves. How accurate that is, of course, I don’t know, but there is strong sentiment against it.

  11. Our ‘world’ is not suffering from a depopulation crisis. Only some nations are experiencing a declining birth rate (notable Italy and Japan). Big difference. And there’s a whole host of reasons why this is happening (manly economic, and they vary by country). Blaming the availability of birth control, a necessary healthcare tool in even the healthiest, growing nations (like the USA), is inaccurate.
    And like I said, there are big differences country by country. Japan is resistant to immigration. But Italy has had no choice but to allow increased immigration.
    I certainly hope this post isn’t a veiled swipe against legal immigration. I know some fanatic Christians in these comments who think that France and the UK are being overrun by “teh Muslims,” but that is a different topic for a different day.

  12. What world is Debi Vanderboom living in? She writes:
    Secondly we need to be active in supporting legislation that places reasonable limits on the abortion industry. There are so many ways that abortion can be legally restricted so that women and girls are not preyed upon by the industry.
    There are already laws in each state that regulate abortion. There are limits as to how late a termination can take place. There are laws requiring parental notification and/or consent. There are laws requiring waiting periods. There are laws requiring a separate attending to read a disclaimer about alternatives and risks (proven, unproven, and completely fictional). And I can go on and on.
    And the ‘industry’ (which I simply call a class of healthcare professionals) doesn’t prey on patients. If by ‘prey’ you mean they solicit, encourage, and go out to find patients, Ms. Vanderboom is completely mistaken.
    Providers, their sponsors, and their organizations do run a recruiting program. They encourage medical students to consider becoming a Family Planning OB/GYN. They tell students about how they can become a sponsored Fellow if they commit to the practice. But in no way do they do any outreach to find more fetuses to abort. The only public outreach they perform is sexual health education, STD awareness, and birth control education and promotion.
    Enough with the baseless lies based on assumptions. If you’re to be an anti-abort, do your homework and learn about ‘the industry.’

  13. Hey Dhalgren:
    Any industry that kills innocent children regardless of how their marketing mechanism is implemented is predatory, i.e., they profit from the death of another. The only worse thing would be that they ate the dead babies for food.
    You’re the one who’s clueless and in denial.

  14. “Providers, their sponsors, and their organizations do run a recruiting program. They encourage medical students to consider becoming a Family Planning OB/GYN. They tell students about how they can become a sponsored Fellow if they commit to the practice. But in no way do they do any outreach to find more fetuses to abort. The only public outreach they perform is sexual health education, STD awareness, and birth control education and promotion.
    Enough with the baseless lies based on assumptions. If you’re to be an anti-abort, do your homework and learn about ‘the industry.’
    Posted by: Dhalgren at March 12, 2010 9:55 AM”

  15. Of course the Abortion Industry (by which I mean people who kill human life- definitely not HEALTHcare providers, some don’t even have licenses.) doesn’t prey on women. They aren’t in it for the money, of course. They truly love and care for the women they treat. (Gag, it’s even hard to type those words sarcastically.)
    Check out Eric Harrah’s interview

  16. “Family Planning OB/GYN”
    You mean child killer? Great!
    Oh, and you aren’t really planning a family if you’re killing your child. More like you’re plans feel through and now you’re hiring the hit man to clean up your mess.

  17. “Run your cursor over the balls to see which countries are in trouble….”
    I missed this sentence the first time I read the article. It makes sense now. Duh.
    Congratulations to you and yours! God bless.

  18. HisMan,
    I don’t think that it’s fair to assume that environmentalists aren’t Christians. Many are- many feel that if they don’t take care of God’s creation then they are insulting God. Also, not every religion sees the Earth as something to conquer and tame- that’s what Christianity believes, yes, but Native American religions for example staunchly oppose that idea.

  19. Topics like this never fail to make me laugh. What are you wanting to do, force all these women to have children? Abortion or no, there are many women who just…don’t want kids for a variety of reasons. Are you somehow going to make them?

  20. Hi Less,
    Perhaps some who “just don’t want kids” should consider that before they have sex, get pregnant and kill their child through abortion. I have heard that sex sometimes leads to…….babies! ::gasp::

  21. I never assumed that environmentalists aren’t Christians…please don’t put words in my mouth.
    However, I will say this, no one is a Christian who thinks murdering unborn children is a way to keep population under control.
    Further, a Christian would not put the earth or animals ahead of humans created in the image of God.
    Does that clear it up for you?

  22. Carla, I’ve posted on this site before, watched it for the last three years, and if I’ve learned anything I’ve learned that I’m pro-choice, you’re anti-abortion, and there’s no bridging that gap. There’s no future in which I can see myself as anti-abortion or a Christian, that will not change, and there’s really no point in attempting it. You’ll notice in my comment I didn’t reference abortion except to put it aside for the purpose of the discussion I was hoping to create.
    Honestly, I’m interested in knowing what, if anything is proposed for ending the “depopulation crisis” in some countries, not including ending abortion. I don’t much care to hear THAT broken record again.

  23. Well, everyone here seems to agree that having more children is desirable, and that there is a population crisis. Are there any other ideas being shared BESIDES reducing abortion?

  24. Me? I don’t think there’s a problem. I don’t want kids, and wholly understand why people wouldn’t want to have them. There’s not a WORLD underpopulation problem–just selected countries. Unless you’re going to argue that some countries are more important than others, I don’t see the issue.

  25. “I don’t see the issue”–that’s the point, Less. We don’t see the issue when it’s aborted. In abortion there is no issue except a dead baby. And what is a dead baby worth? Respect as a human being, certainly, and perhaps a burial, and then it is out of sight.
    We don’t see the issue in Europe, we don’t see the issue in Asia, and increasingly we don’t see the issue in America and former Third World countries.
    Let’s see the issue! Let’s see all these people alive rather than dead. And until we see them alive, let us at least acknowledge the dead.
    Go, Greg Cunningham, go! Let the Less informed get informed by the Genocide Awareness Project. Let them see the issue, dead or alive!

  26. Jan, I don’t see the issue at all. I have no problems with abortion, and as I previously stated, that isn’t going to change, and I sincerely hope the rest of the country eventually thinks the same. However, as the chorus of “ban abortion!!!111” seems to be the only response offered to my query, perhaps I shall resume my habitual silence and wander to where I’m more welcome.

  27. Exactly, Less, you don’t see the issue at all! That’s because you’re not concerned about the issue; you believe in sex without responsibility.
    However, the issue is very human. It’s a human being. And that’s my point: you don’t see the human being. Even if it issues forth dead, it’s still a human being. But you don’t care. You don’t see the issue at all.
    All the more reason for Greg Cunningham and his Genocide Awareness Project to take to the streets!

  28. Jon, I don’t believe there is an issue. I don’t care if it’s human or not. Sure, it has human DNA, but bodily integrity is my highest priority: it always has been, it always will be. My stance on abortion really isn’t up for debate; I was honestly curious about what other measures were being proposed to encourage child birth. However, it doesn’t seem like there are any.

  29. Whoa, double post. I got a server error, super sorry about that! Please feel free, admins, to delete one of the above posts as well as this one, but I did want to apologize and assure you all that I wasn’t spamming the comment box.

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