Moderator Chris turned me on to this yesterday via the blog Out of our minds too.
Anyone can make their own Google Lab composite from the available options.
Below is a chart showing the crashing world fertility rate (although Africa’s remains high), while meanwhile life expectancy is increasing. The chart looks better at the site, where you can ID any country you’d like, but you’ll get the drift. I spotlighted Rwanda to show the impact civil war and genocide had there during the early 90s. Click on the arrow at the lower right to make the chart move…

Any country with a fertility rate below 2.1 is not sustaining itself – it is dying. At some point a country can’t turn around. Run your cursor over the balls to see which countries are in trouble….

Furthermore, as Chris wrote, “Older populations need young people to care for the elderly. However, the younger generations won’t be there. The advent of contraception and abortion is having a major adverse impact on the entire world.”
The next chart (better view here) shows that the prevalence of contraception, which includes the mass distribution of condoms, has had no negative impact on HIV. Rather, as contraceptive usage has gone up, so has the rate of HIV, in general. Note Uganda, however, which promotes the abstinence/be faithful message, fighting the tide. Also note the U.S. apparently stopped tracking cases of HIV in 1995…

I’ve been playing with this for over an hour. Fascinating and objectively demonstrative of our points that the world is suffering from a depopulation crisis, and contraceptives only hurt, they don’t help.