Richer irony comes on the heels of the Newsweek piece that lamented the lack of abortion support among abortion survivors.
Jessica at Feministing, aggravated by pro-abort warhorses complaining that young people aren’t engaged, wrote a response entitled, “The pro-choice movement would fail without young women.”
gendercide 100 million economist.jpgWhere to begin? I could remind Jessica that half of those aborted are female, sharply cutting into her prospect list.
But wait, I’d be wrong. As The Economist reported March 4, there is a worldwide war against baby girls, most often waged via abortion. The Economist estimates the current shortage is at 100 million.
If Jessica really cares, she could fight female gendercide.
But then Jessica would have to convert to pro-life.
Otherwise Jessica is stuck in a movement slowly committing hari kari.
burka.jpgBy her pro-abort activism Jessica is also aiding and abetting the sex trafficking epidemic, caused by the shortage of women, as well as enabling a male-dominated world that will likely frown on feminism.
How do you feel about the burka look, Jessica?
[Graphic via The Economist]

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