The upcoming World Expo in Shanghai, China, set to open May 1, will be the ‘largest ever,” according to the Boston Globe.
The Spanish Pavilion will feature a 21-foot tall monster robotic baby named Miguelin. According to, “Miguelín is a 6.5 meters [~ 20 feet] tall baby, electronically animated. It breaths, blinks and dreams with the cities that we will leave to future generations….”
Cute, but why? continued…

miguelin 2.jpg

The baby’s “Mother” is film director Isabel Coixet who has pointed out that with this collaboration she has wanted to stay accurate to the Expo Shanghai’s Theme, “Better city, better life”. Also that Miguelín is a reminder that tells us that “all our actions have direct consequences on our children’s future and that we have to react to this”….
Inspiration for creating Miguelín… has been – according to the director – the passion for children shared by both the Chinese and the Spanish culture. “We have given this many thoughts. I have investigated along with Chinese assessors, friends and artists I know and both countries share this worship for children” – she said.

Excuse me? Which China did Coixet investigate? Not the one on this planet. The China on this planet has a compulsory one-child policy, enforced by forced sterilizations and abortion.
Coixet got one point right, that “our actions have direct consequences on our children’s future.” Abortion and sterilization ensure they don’t have one.
And not so fast, Spain. According to in 2009:

The birth rate in Spain is among the lowest in the world, according to statistics from the United Nations. In 2007, the nation’s rate of 10.8 births per 1,000 population placed it in the bottom quartile of all the countries listed. Even the People’s Republic of China, with its well-established family limitation policies, managed a birth rate 20% higher than Spain’s…. Just to maintain its current population levels, Spain needs 2.1 births per fertile woman, but has only 1.3.

What weirdness. At least Coixet got a conversation started, as embarrassing as that might be for China and Spain. And perhaps it will get people in those countries thinking.
Here’s video of Miguelin being constructed…

[HT: proofreader Laura Loo; top photo via the Boston Globe]

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