POP 101 myth buster: There’s more than enough food to feed the planet

Population Research Institute has posted the 3rd in its clever POP 101 cartoon series, this one, “Food: There’s lots of it ” Visit www.overpopulationisamyth.com

See #1 in the series, “Overpopulation: The making of a myth,” here, and #2, “2.1 kids: Stable population,” here.

4 thoughts on “POP 101 myth buster: There’s more than enough food to feed the planet”

  1. The Population Research Institute is an anti-choice “think tank” started by the anti-Semitic priest Paul Marx. Thus, there seems to be an agenda which is anti-contraception and anti-abortion.
    But yeah, population control isn’t a problem. Tell that to the mother of 10, living in a crowded Brazilian favela, who wants to stop having babies – some of whom are now street children – but because of the Catholic Church’s influence on Brazilian politics, she can’t access contraception. And before the perfunctory, she should keep her legs together argument, this woman is married and her church tells her that it’s a sin to deny her husband his “right.”
    This was the situation that a priest friend of mine encountered all too often when she did Episcopalian mission work in Brazilian cities.

  2. Artemis,
    What you described is a sad example of “cultural” Catholicism (could be any other religion) that has skewed true marital charity. Contraception and abortion won’t solve the real problem because they further the abuse and degradation of women. Teachings that bring about marital unity and a much greater respect for female sexuality such as NFP are what should be promoted – even if they seem to stand in stark contrast to cultural norms. Just because we can make contraception and distribute it throughout the world with little effort doesn’t mean we should use it.

  3. Artemis: the moth that can’t resist the candle. A perfect example of why bug zappers work.
    Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Do it now. Stop dancing around and blathering about why you will not be a disciple of Jesus Christ…..the only remedy for your dead heart and soul.

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