NPLTW10a1.jpgAmerican Life League’s National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week is Tuesday, April 27 – Monday, May 3, 2010.
ALL’s plan:

… to increase awareness of abortion and the reality of how many innocent babies are murdered every day.
Primarily, we are concerned with getting people to think of the child as a person from the moment of creation. It is much harder to murder a person than it is to “remove a lump of tissues,” and it is only when we finally get the nation thinking in those terms that we will be able to make abortion a crime, as it should be….

Just by wearing the T-shirt and being out there in public, you will help to accomplish that goal.

ALL is also hosting another “Yo! Where’s the shirt?” photo contest. Registrants can enter to win an iPod Touch.
Get involved by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter.
abort73 t-shirts 2.gifAnd you say you don’t own a pro-life t-shirt? ALL is selling those shown in the graphic above for $6.50 each.
ALL also offers legal help if your school harasses you. also sells a variety of pro-life t-shirts (example left), many with an edgier appeal.

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