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  • A PA foster mother is accusing a Dept. of Human Services case worker of threatening to take away one of her 16-year-old daughter’s children if the daughter didn’t abort her 22-week pregnancy:
  • The alleged strong-arm tactic happened one day after DHS learned of the pregnancy, when the girl was about 22 wks pregnant, according to her foster mother and the girl’s social worker, Marisol Rivera….

    The Daily News also learned that:

  • DHS got a Family Court judge’s order allowing it to take the girl for an abortion, after the girl’s birth mother refused to approve the procedure.
  • By the time DHS arranged for the abortion – in March – the girl was 24 weeks pregnant. She had to undergo the procedure in NJ because abortions in PA are illegal at 24 weeks.
  • The Philadelphia Daily News also notes the attempts of the DHS to squelch this story from coming out.

  • In the Ottawa Citizen, St. Mary’s philosophy professor Mark Mercer admits that the unborn are human beings and then attempts to argue that the unborn aren’t persons:
  • Abortion, then, involves the killing of a human being. But that abortion involves the deliberate killing of a human being is no reason for abortion to be illegal. Nor should one be morally troubled by it.

    He goes on to list his arbitrary criteria for personhood (“richly aware of its environment and full of beliefs and desires,” “self-conscious,” “self-aware locus of experience” and has an interest in living) which would eliminate numerous born human beings and provides no reason for why anyone should accept his arbitrary criteria for personhood over anyone else’s arbitrary criteria.

  • The Oxford Mail has an article on the first birthday of Isabel MacIntyre (pictured left, with her parents), a twin who was born at 24 weeks weighing 1 lb. 3 oz. The other twin died 5 weeks after being born.
  • The Center for Reproductive Rights is suing to stop OK’s new pro-life laws. Here’s the reasoning for the suit – it apparently isn’t fair that an abortionist be on site when the woman receives an ultrasound:
  • At Reproductive Services, ultrasound imaging for an abortion patient is completed before the physician who will perform the abortion arrives at the facility,” the suit states. “Requiring a physician to perform the ultrasound imaging himself or herself, or requiring that the ultrasound imaging be performed while the physician is on-site, would drastically reduce the number of abortions that Reproductive Services could perform.
    “Reproductive Services would not be able to meet the demand for abortions from its patients and might not be able to remain in business,” the suit states .

  • The blog of the Center for Genetics and Society has a post on a economics professor who wants to clone himself. He describes raising a clone of himself as “a dream” of his.
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer has a long article about Abington Memorial Hospital’s once-a-year public board meeting and efforts of pro-lifers to encourage the hospital to stop performing abortions.
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