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Read backstory here. Also read Eric Scheidler’s detailed May 27 report at the Pro-Life Action League blog.
30th anniversary logo cedar rapids planned parenthood.pngI wrote on May 21 it was pretty pathetic that Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa told the press it only expected “about 200 people” at a 30th anniversary celebration of its Cedar Rapids affiliate, featuring PP CEO and pro-abort rock star Cecile Richards, no less.
Seriously? Worse, I said that likely translated to a reality of 150-175 attendees, although a pro-abort spy reported after viewing the name tags the number looked fewer than 100.
She was only able to get a blurry picture, but it turns out she was spot on. Pro-lifer Allen T at the Is Anybody There? blog. found photos of the event at PP of E Central IA’s Facebook page and here’s a clear shot of the sign-in table…

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8 rows of 12 name tags = 96. Pathetic!
Allen also noted, “The pictures do not show the whole crowd or the whole room. The focus is on close ups of small groups or a couple people only. This is an interesting contrast to the Dubuque Co. Right to Life pictures from the LIFE Dinner 2010. The only reason I can come up with is that they didn’t want to show how poor the attendance was.”
Right. Notice the top photo of the very nice but empty tables at the PP event. (Also note the beautiful condom centerpiece.)
I also noticed the same people kept popping up in those small group photos. Just for fun I put together a montage of 1 particularly photogenic PP “Where’s Waldo” staffer who appeared in 8 of PP’s 23 photos. Click to enlarge…
pp photo montage cedar rapids 4.png
To compare, here are a couple photos from the Dubuque Co. RTL event – with 600 attendees – held just a few weeks prior to the Cedar Rapids PP event. Click to enlarge…

dubuque co rtl 1.jpg dubuque co rtl 3.jpg

Allen made another good point. PP disallowed press from attending its event and taking photos because PP said it feared violence. “If they were so concerned,” Allen wrote, “Wouldn’t that same concern apply to pictures they took?”
The truth is PP didn’t want want anything said at its event – or its attendance – on the record.
PP cedar rapids protest 2.jpgThe truth is there were more pro-lifers protesting the PP event – in the rain – than attending it. (Click photo, left, to enlarge.)
I’ve said before pro-lifers have power they don’t understand, as evidenced by the hundreds of supporters they can command at pro-life events in every nook and cranny of the nation.
Pro-aborts groups cannot gather the the number of supporters we can, because there is not the enthusiasm for abortion as there is for the sanctity of life. Furthermore, pro-abort power players don’t want to be seen.
The pro-abort power base is not with the people, It is in NY and DC with the money pro-aborts fling to movers and shakers – made from selling abortions.

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