Why is Stupak still whining?

Former pro-life golden boy Congressman Bart Stupak wrote an op ed for the May 6 issue of Newsweek entitled, “Health Care Hell.”
stupak newsweek getty.jpgI was surprised to hear from Stupak. The healthcare debate is over. Done. Finito. And he should know because he’s the one who ended it.
I wondered what more could Stupak possibly have to say, and why would he feel the need to say it?
Stupak had already told the world what he claims to have been thinking when agreeing to Obama’s executive order, which enabled passage of a House healthcare bill that included public funded abortions. We disagree with all his points….

We think the EO is worth as much as a piece of toilet paper. And we think it didn’t have to be. We think Stupak’s group had Pelosi’s you-know-whats against the wall and either didn’t realize it or couldn’t handle the pressure. They could have forced inclusion of the Stupak Amendment or caused healthcare to fail.
Then I read Stupak’s whiny piece, in which he indeed had nothing new to say, and I concluded his major points were to try to claim he quit on pro-lifers before pro-lifers quit on him and, by the way, his quitting his job had nothing to do with us either.
stupak matador.pngAnd by the way again, he got by on 3 hours sleep a night throughout Health Care Hell. As if that will get him any sympathy from parents in the room.
What a baby.
No, he says, he was a congressional matador. Seriously.
So those are the points I got from Stupak’s piece. Read it yourself. LifeSiteNews.com has a nice rebuttal.

9 thoughts on “Why is Stupak still whining?”

  1. He’s simply trying to comfort his own conscience by commending himself for standing so strong for so long and by denying that he caved.
    He is alone again in his fantasy that the EO has any meaning beyond a deceptive, superficial, political gesture.
    In fact, about the only thing that Pro-Lifers and the pro death mob agree on is the worthlessness of the EO.
    Why is BS whining? It’s pretty clear, it’s been clear all along.
    He said many months before the debate ever reached its fever pitch, he couldn’t/wouldn’t derail “Health Care” over tax funded abortion.
    He was/is a conflicted man, feeling morally obligated to provide government health care to the poor and to protect innocent children from slaughter.
    He whines because he is still trying to convince himself he did the right thing.
    He whines because his conscience won’t let him ignore the blood of innocent children on his hands.

  2. I believe the internet term for this kind of behavior is “flounce.” He’s leaving, he’s said he’s leaving, but he keeps sticking around to make sure everybody knows that he’s leaving and why instead of actually going away. I believe flouncing means he automatically looses the argument, along with any remaining credibility.

  3. Stupak cannot handle the fact that he has exposed himself as a backstabbing, immoral, unprincipled coward. He took the easy way out and now he’s paying the price and doesn’t like how high it is.
    Should have thought of that earlier, Congressman, while you were selling out your constituents and opening the spigot so still more innocent blood from America’s babies could be spilled. Did you think we wouldn’t notice or care?
    Ultimately, he must answer to God for his treachery. Somehow, I don’t think God is going to buy his whining any more than the rest of us are.

  4. Somebody please help me out here.
    Stupak is on record in November as saying at a Town Hall meeting that even if the final version of the bill lacked his amendment, all other things being equal, he would vote for the bill.
    What was this drama really all about? He TOLD Obama that he already had committed his vote, with or without the amendment. So what leverage did he think he had? This was a sick farce from November onward, no?
    What am I missing here?

  5. Gerard,
    I think maybe there were a lot of people that hadn’t seen the town hall admission. When he began his Pro-Life posturing, I think he was encouraged by all the support he received, from the Pro-Life public and his Blue Dogs.
    I was duped into believing that, in spite of what he said at the Town Hall, he had strengthened his resolve and would back up his convincing rhetoric with stalwart action.
    Boy was I fooled.

  6. Does anyone know the timeline because from what I read he done everything he could do. If Obama gave an executive order and it’s not adhered to that is not Stupaks fault. He’s a democrat and their are a lot of people that go to work everyday that have preexisting conditions that cannot afford health care. So the health care package has passed if there’s parts we don’t like or that infringe on our civil liberties it can still be modified right. How really really sad if that man done all he could to help the pro-life movement and that’s the thanks he got. We are so blessed on both sides to have people that are committed to good government so hopefully everyone will continue to work on this health care package until it is fair to hospitals, physicians, and health care consumers. We do have a right to disagree but to attack his personhood is more than a little sad. We need to fight for wording in the health care package that says when the moms life is at risk she can get a C-Section. I’ve see the way some of you fight and if you put your mind to it anything that is moral and truly good for us as a nation you can get passed. I’m 46 and this is what I’ve noticed Democrats are good at getting big things passed and Republicans are very good at being our moral compass. Look all the good things Bush got passed and rest assured if Obama doesn’t keep his word people will take note. Most people are unaware of his actions while a senator.

  7. As what everybody says and already knows…
    Stupak is whining cuz his conscience is bugging him and he’s trying to justify to the rest of the world (and to himself) that he did the “right thing”…
    As per typical pro-abort mentality, if you repeat a lie often enough and loud enough..it may begin to sound like the truth.
    Unfortunately, all the lies of justification and rationalization he’s doing isn’t worth a good night’s sleep…
    As that famous line form A Few Good Men goes:
    ” You can’t handle the Truth”.

  8. In addition to the amendment what more could he have done. Health Care is a good thing right. I’m just prayerful that it is a plus to our national economy a plus to consumers and a plus to health care providers. And of course that as citizens we have a real voice in the health care that we receive and that we’re not stuck with anything that resembles hmo’s. I think as citizens we need to be vigilant so any legislation that is passed benefits citizens and doesn’t give government unnecessary powers.

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