Former pro-life golden boy Congressman Bart Stupak wrote an op ed for the May 6 issue of Newsweek entitled, “Health Care Hell.”
stupak newsweek getty.jpgI was surprised to hear from Stupak. The healthcare debate is over. Done. Finito. And he should know because he’s the one who ended it.
I wondered what more could Stupak possibly have to say, and why would he feel the need to say it?
Stupak had already told the world what he claims to have been thinking when agreeing to Obama’s executive order, which enabled passage of a House healthcare bill that included public funded abortions. We disagree with all his points….

We think the EO is worth as much as a piece of toilet paper. And we think it didn’t have to be. We think Stupak’s group had Pelosi’s you-know-whats against the wall and either didn’t realize it or couldn’t handle the pressure. They could have forced inclusion of the Stupak Amendment or caused healthcare to fail.
Then I read Stupak’s whiny piece, in which he indeed had nothing new to say, and I concluded his major points were to try to claim he quit on pro-lifers before pro-lifers quit on him and, by the way, his quitting his job had nothing to do with us either.
stupak matador.pngAnd by the way again, he got by on 3 hours sleep a night throughout Health Care Hell. As if that will get him any sympathy from parents in the room.
What a baby.
No, he says, he was a congressional matador. Seriously.
So those are the points I got from Stupak’s piece. Read it yourself. has a nice rebuttal.