Jivin J reported May 31 that 22 mothers who aborted their babies at an Australian abortion clinic have contracted Hepatitis C.
hepatitis c blood.jpgThat number is now up to 44, and it’s looking more as if the infections were intentional, linked to an anesthesiologist with a criminal record. According to PerthNow.com on June 1:

Patients of a late-term abortion clinic in Victoria may have been deliberately infected with hepatitis C after a further 32 women tested positive to the virus, bringing to 44 the total number of infections….

Health authorities and police are investigating allegations a cluster of patients of Melbourne’s Croydon Day Surgery became infected with hepatitis C when James Latham Peters worked as an anaesthetist at the clinic over an 18 month period in 2008 and 2009….
The more cases you find in this instance, it becomes more and more difficult to explain this by an accidental means,” [chief medical officer] Dr. [John] Carnie said yesterday….
Dr. Peters has not worked at the Croydon Day Surgery since last December, and was suspended by the Medical Practitioners Board on February 15. The alleged infections occurred between 2006 and last year….
No charges have been laid but police yesterday said in a statement: “Detectives are working to discover whether any criminal activity led to the spread of hepatitis C to patients at the facility.”…

Hepatitis C is spread by blood contact, so it is difficult to imagine how more than 1, never mind 44, infections could have been accidental. The Herald Sun reported in April that Peters’ patients “have been infected with a hepatitis C strain genetically matching the anaesthetist’s infection.” It also detailed his criminal history:

…Peters was given a 6-month suspended jail term in August 1996 after pleading guilty to 20 charges over providing his wife with a 2-year non-stop supply of pethidine.
They included obtaining drugs by false representation and obtaining a drug of dependence.
Department of Human Services officers had found more than 100 prescriptions for the couple’s use at pharmacies.
Wife Julia Margaret Peters also received a 3-month suspended prison sentence.
Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard she was using up to 1500g of pethidine daily. The duo sometimes used false names and a stolen prescription pad.
Dr Peters voluntarily surrendered his medical registration but succeeded in having it restored within the past 5 years….
The Medical Practitioners Board… placed him on a program for substance-abusing doctors, made him submit to drug tests for a year, and restricted his practice when he re-applied for registration. But the conditions were later removed.
In 1991 Dr Peters was also declared bankrupt, owing creditors $631,335.

It appears the reluctance of authorities to prosecute physicians working in abortion mills is not confined to the U.S.
Also note this abortion mill is a Marie Stopes affiliate, the huge international abortion group that recently began airing controversial abortion ads on British tv. Apparently its employee screening process leaves something to be desired.
The following information makes it seem as if this guy may be a psych case. I found it while googling for photos.
smallpox inoculation.jpgAgain, the aforementioned doctor’s name is James Latham Peters.
But, coincidentally, there was a British military surgeon named Dr. James Latham who operated a smallpox inoculation franchise in Canada and the American colonies before, during, and after the Revolutionary War.
I wonder if this guy thinks he’s channeling that guy.

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