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I had not heard of FL late-term abortionist Randall Whitney before today but I am horrified by what I’ve read about him. He’s like the Jeffrey Dahmer of preborns. Don’t read this post if you can’t handle serial killer type info….

Whitney was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on March 27, 2010, for slapping a patient, although I can’t find anything written about this by MSM. Pro-life activists know much more about local abortionists than anyone else. So it was ProLifeFlorida.com that got hold of Whitney’s arrest warrant (booking photo above) and posted it June 6. This is just the tip of the iceberg. PLF.com has kept track of Whitney’s sordid history.
But let’s begin with the current crime for which Whitney has been accused. Here’s a transcript of the police report:
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I, ofc Hughley was sitting inside the office when I heard a OWC [Orlando Woman’s Center, pictured right] patient run out of one of the rooms screaming advising the doctor has slapped her.
I followed the patient outside and she advised in a sworn written statement: she went into the exam room to get an abortion procedure and the doctor was trying to find a vein to give some valium. She Amanda XXX advised the doctor had poked her three times trying to get the needle in the vein. She told him the needle was not in the vein and it started to burn. Amanda advised she started screaming. The doctor took the needle out and told her to shut up because she was scaring other patients.
Amanda advised she got up and told the doctor she wanted to leave, so she stood up and the doctor slapped her on the left side of the face. Amanda advised that’s when she left. She also advised she did not give the doctor permission to slap her and wishes to press charges. Due to the needle or medicine Amanda’s fingers began to turn blue, so OFD (Orlando Fire Department) was notified.
When I (officer Hughley) went back inside the building, the doctor (Dr Whitney) was sitting in the front office and he advised he did slap Amanda because she was being very uncooperative and he was trying to calm her down. Assistant Sonia Merced was inside the room with Dr. Whitney, but refuse to say what happened, nor did she want to write a statement. Dr Whitney refused to write a statement also. Amanda’s face was red on the left side of the face. Whitney was arrested and transported to central booking for aggravated battery.

pendergraft photo.jpgWhitney aborts for late-term abortionist James Pendergraft (pictured right) at present since Pendergraft’s license was suspended. It was at Pendergraft’s Orlando Women’s Center that he was arrested for the slapping incident.
Whitney was also the abortionist on call in 2001 for a live birth of a baby girl at the same clinic whose mother went on to sue him.
In 2005 World magazine posted a deposition Whitney gave about the aforementioned live birth wherein he admitted aborted babies are sometimes born alive:

Whitney: “Well, usually… the fetus was [expelled] into the toilet. I mean, nearly always they made it into the toilet . . . it was just more convenient to be in the toilet. Okay? So I assume that at times there might be some movement which would suggest life . . . but there was no attempt for resuscitation.”
Attorney Fernandez: “Were there any protocols or procedures in place that there should be resuscitation attempts where there was movement, fetal movement?”
Whitney: “I don’t know of any.”
Ms. Fernandez then asked Dr. Whitney whether he was aware of other live-birth cases at OWC.
Whitney: “Where? In the toilet?”
Fernandez: “Yeah.”
Whitney: “I think so.”
Fernandez: “… So just that I’m clear, the instances where there may have been signs of a live birth, i.e., movement by the fetus, were instances where the woman was experiencing symptoms within the restroom and delivered the fetus into the toilet…”
Whitney: “Yes.”

22 weeks movie.jpgIt was at another of Pendergraft’s clinics, EPOC, that baby Rowan was born alive in 2005 in a toilet, about whom the movie 22 Weeks was made.
Now we get to the really sick side of Whitney – allegedly, I must add, although I believe it all. I believe it because 1st comes this info from an email sent by a former employee to PLF.com in 2006, which fits what we now know about Whitney and his treatment of patients:

I’ve never seen a doctor so unbelievably apathetic. As a pre-med student this obviously bothered me…. His bedside manner (or lack there of) was disgusting, the way he spoke to patients when they would cry on the abortion table telling them it “didn’t hurt”, and telling girls they were fat, or “whores”. He’d announce in the ‘operating room’ if someone had an STD, violating HIPPA regulations….
I must let you know I’m pro-choice, and that’s all I’d like to discuss on that matter. I don’t want to go public by any means, sir…. I’d rather never see the man again in my life. I have nothing but a strong hatred for him, and I want no contact with him.
He still uses cold soak as a sanitizer, can you believe that? He skins 2nd trimester fetus’ and puts them in formaldehyde until they’re nothing more than bones, and then he puts them into zip lock freezer bags. For what purpose I’m uncertain.

This email came to PLF.com from an anonymous tipster, also in 2006:

I have 2 friends of mine that have worked for him. I know that this man throws 1st trimester babies down the toilet. I know he delivers second term babies and snaps their necks with a tourniquet, or lets them suffocate. He does not flip the baby around. He fully delivers them and then kills them. He skins most of the second term babies while whistling and then puts them in jars and stores them in the secret upstairs that authorities or health departments do not know about or inspect….
He was sedating a woman for an abortion and he did something to her and she went after him with a syringe. Thew cops were called. They said he was a maniac. This was a few months ago….
Yes I do live in Florida. I have 2 friends that worked for this guy. One of them is in therapy. I think I talked both of them into filing a report. This guy has a file a mile long. It is amazing he still has a license. He must keep getting through some sort of loop hole. I know my friends said he has this great attorney that he pays the big bucks to….

And another email from the same anonymous source:

My friends which are very afraid of this man for some reason are telling the absolute truth. One night about 2 weeks ago, one of the girls called up my house and my husband answered. She said, I can’t sleep anymore because of this, I have to tell someone. She continued to tell this- One night in May 2005 a girl that she had befriended (given drugs to induce labor on her 21wk fetus) went into labor and called my friends cell phone. My friend told her to meet her at the clinic and she would page the doctor. The doctor did not get there in time and my friend ended up delivering the baby. She was going to take it to the hospital. The doctor came in then and took her and the baby into another room, leaving the partly sedated 16 year old mother on the table. He told her to be qquiet and that she wouldn’t be taking the baby anywhere. At that point he put a tourniquet around the babies neck and snapped it. My friend walked out and never went back. This is just one of many stories that I have heard. She said this guy is absolutely insane. He is crazy….
She said he seriously has a problem. My friend, I am slowly trying to get her to come forth as well as my other friend. I dont know why they are scared. They are afraid of him. I know these girls are telling the truth….
It may not be illigal to skin fetuses and put them in jars. But, why hide them then?… This guy has an extra evil to him.

I enlarged Whitney’s booking photo, at the top of this post, because his eyes sure tell me he indeed “has an extra evil to him.”
What has Whitney been doing since his arrest? According to pro-life activist Patte, “Randy was released from jail that very day and has continued to murder babies without missing a beat.”
[HT: Patte Smith, admin. assistant Kelli]

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