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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • American Papist reminds us of the infamous 11th hour Executive Order promised to secure the votes of so called “pro-life” democrats on health care. Rep. John Boehner asks the White House, in essence, “What’s happening with that?”
  • LaShawn Barber, guest blogging for Michelle Malkin, discusses how pro-aborts are actually devoted to a religious purpose and service of a god.
  • Big Blue Wave tells of an interesting admission from Britain’s top pro-choicer.
  • Mark Crutcher writes an excellent article about the myth of overpopulation and asks the question, “when a society morally bankrupts itself by legalizing the sacrifice of a specific group of human beings in order to address social problems, is it then conditioned to solve the social problems created by an aging population in the same way?”
  • According to Disability Matters comments , the Final Exit Network is attempting an image makeover through dishonest guest opinion pieces.
  • Coming Home features the viral video of 2 college students attempting an on-the-street interview with pro-abort NC Rep. Bob Etheridge (D). His response is over-the-top, harsh and abusive:

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