weekend question.jpgI read an interesting post by KushielsMoon, who comments here sometimes, on the Abortion Gang blog. Her June 2 piece was entitled, “The things I can’t say”:

As a vocal prochoicer, I am not able to always speak my mind.
Every single time I tweet, blog, email or post a comment somewhere, I have to carefully look over each and every word, to ensure that I haven’t said something I “shouldn’t.”…

What are these things I “shouldn’t” say? Well, basically it’s anything an antichoicer could jump onto, take out of context, or otherwise use against me. Against us. Against Planned Parenthood. Against women.
I hate that I have to guard my speech. I hate that I have to turn conversations onto random tangents over word use. But if I don’t do these things, antichoicers will run away with my words and ignore anything I say after that.

Kushie wrote she gets grief from fellow pro-aborts, too. Problems, she said, arise on such points as terminology (“So what if a woman calls a fetus a baby? So what if I follow her lead and say the word baby too?”), empathy (“If after her abortion she feels that her baby died and became an angel, then why can’t I agree with her on that?”), and validation (“How are we ‘believing the lies from the anti-choicers’ by recognizing all reproductive experiences, and the emotions surrounding them, and believing that they are valid?”)

Weekend question: Do you, like KushielsMoon, write your posts or comments on the life issue against a backdrop of politically correct paranoia?

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