jackson women's health organization.jpgUPDATE, 4:35p: I’ve been giving this more thought, and if for whatever reason this abortion mill needs an infusion of cash, this means either it isn’t making enough money to set aside an allotment for improvements, or it is mishandling its money.
And an additional question, what exactly would it mean to the abortion industry and ideologues were a state to become abortion mill-free? I actually don’t think they would ever let that happen, even if they had to seriously underwrite it to keep the doors open….

10:06a: I received a verrry interesting email on May 25 from the Feminist Majority Foundation, signed by president Eleanor Smeal and VP Katherine Spillar. The subject heading was, “Urgent: Mississippi clinic threatened”. Click to enlarge:
abortion mill mississippi 3.png
It sounds like there is more going on there than meets the eye. The appeal goes on to say half of all donations collected from this campaign will go to “directly to the clinic to help pay for enhanced security measures.”…
But I don’t buy that concern over security is the real problem. A couple other sentences, highlighted, jumped out. It sounds to me like Jackson Women’s Health Organization is having trouble keeping its doors open.
The only recent pro-life activity I can find in MS is that in April a personhood amendment officially made its 2011 ballot, and on May 24 Gov. Haley Barbour signed a bill into law that bans public funding for most abortions under Obamacare.
I know MS is perhaps the most progressively pro-life state in the country, with almost every pro-life law conceived on the books. Are these all adding up? Or is there something else afoot? I also know that an abortion-free state would be a huge blow to pro-aborts. I guess this isn’t necessarily a weekend question as it is a call for pro-life recognizance. Any insights?

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