1. We’ve fixed most of the issues related to the software move. I only know of a few outstanding bugs, and I don’t think you’ll notice what I notice because they’re imperfections in a couple of the plugins I still hope to refine.

That said, when I asked you previously if you knew of anything still wrong after the move, you told me about issues of which I was unaware, such as that comments could no longer be made from a phone (fixed). So this is the last call. Are you aware of any unresolved issues with the revised site?

2. Susie Allen, does a great job posting (Prolifer)ations twice weekly, a round-up of stories of interest being reported on other pro-life blogs.

Susie is in the process of revising our lists of Top Blogs and Top Sites, which you access by clicking on the tabs about halfway down the right side of the home page, under the Stanek Top 20. If you know of a good blog or website (even your own!) not listed, please send the url to jill@jillstanek.com.

3. My autumn/winter speaking schedule is up. If I’ll be in your area I hope to meet you!

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