web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has what I would consider a glowing column about RU-486 abortions in developing countries. There’s no mention in the column about complications or risks (including death) to women (except to say they’re supposedly no greater than miscarriage) who attempt to abort their children using these drugs. We’re told the only “serious downside” is that it can cause birth defects….

    Kristof is almost giddy about women buying cheap abortion drugs and having illegal home abortions after taking the time to interview two abortion advocates, one of whom seems to be gung-ho about using RU-486 for later-term abortions.
  • The FDA has re-approved Geron’s Phase I trial using human embryonic stem cells.
  • The editorial board of the Detroit News apparently doesn’t care in the least about whether or not abortion is the killing of human beings. In an editorial about the MI governor’s race, they claim jobs are the only thing worth talking about or working on:
  • The state has no time for a tug-of-war over abortion….
    If a candidate isn’t talking only about jobs, jobs, jobs, then he has no business in this race.

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